Vol 106, No 10 (2010)

Table of Contents


A New Method of Power Arithmetic for Parallel Inverter PDF
Hongliang Wang, Yinyin Xie, Xuejun Pei, Yong Kang, Xiumei Yue 3-8
Electric and Magnetic Fields of the High Voltage Autotransformer PDF
R. Deltuva, J. A. Virbalis, S. Gečys 9-12
Model of Ventilation System Drive with Fuzzy Controller PDF
S. Lisauskas, R. Rinkevičienė 13-16
Investigation of Inductor Poles Shape Influence on Magnetic Field Distribution PDF
R. Lukočius, M. Šiožinys, V. Šiožinys 17-20
A Unitary View Toward Analog Weighting/Amplifying F-F-1 Cells PDF
L. Festila, L. Szolga, S. Hintea, M. Cirlugea 21-26
Research of the Grid-Tied Power System Consisting of Wind Turbine and Boiler GALAN PDF
Č. Ramonas, V. Kepalas, V. Adomavičius 27-32
Practical Assessment of Synchronous Generator Dynamic Model Parameters PDF
M. Ažubalis, V. Ažubalis, A. Jonaitis 33-36
Flexible Product Drying System Design and Application PDF
C. Aküner, M. T. Tuncay 37-42
The Forecast Method of Isolation Resource for Creating the Integral Characteristics of Overvoltages PDF
U. Karaliūtė, R. Miliūnė, A. S. Navickas 43-46
Experimental Research of Pulse Processes in the Object Grounding System PDF
N. Bagdanavičius, A. Drabatiukas, Š. Kilius, J. Daunoras 47-50
Investigation of Energy Commercial Metering set’s Elements Errors PDF
R. P. Deksnys, R. Staniulis 51-56
Real Time Monitoring of the State of Smart Grid PDF
S. Gudžius, V. Gvozdas, L. A. Markevičius, A. Morkvėnas 57-62
Investigation of the Voltage Influence on Partial Discharge Characteristic Parameters in Solid Insulation PDF
P. Valatka, V. Sučila, G. Daukšys 63-66
Outage Probability of SSC Receivers in Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channel with Multiple Cochannel Interferers PDF
I. Petrovic, M. Stefanovic, J. Anastasov, S. Panic, G. Djordjevic, D. Milic 67-70
Evaluation of Railway Switch Drive Operating Condition Using Control Current Features PDF
J. Daunoras, V. Gargasas, A. Knyš 71-74
Design and Application of Full Digital Control System for LLC Multiresonant Converter PDF
P. Špánik, P. Drgoňa, M. Frívaldský, A. Príkopová 75-78
Electric and Magnetic Field at the HV Substation during Lightning Strike PDF
R. Markowska, A. Sowa, J. Wiater 79-82


Hybrid Mode Dispersion Characteristic Dependences of Cylindrical Dipolar Glass Waveguides on Temperatures PDF
S. Asmontas, L. Nickelson, A. Bubnelis, R. Martavicius, J. Skudutis 83-86
Dispersion Characteristics of the Propagation Waves in the Gyroelectric Semiconductor Waveguides PDF
V. Mališauskas, D. Plonis 87-90
Innovative Method of Flow Profile Formation for Ultrasonic Flowmeters PDF
P. Borodičas, A. Ragauskas, V. Petkus, A. Bagdonas, R. Šliteris 91-94


Modeling Holonic Control Systems with IEC 61499 Subapplications and Applications
V. Vlad, A. Graur, C. E. Turcu, C. Filote 95-98
An Approach for Constructing Evaluation Model of Suitability Assessment of Agile Methods using Analytic Hierarchy Process PDF
G. Mikulėnas, R. Butleris 99-104
Avoidance of Possible Collisions of Mobile Robots PDF
S. Bartkevičius, Ž. Jakas, K. Šarkauskas 105-108
Consumption Measurement and Failure Detection in Hot Water Recirculation Systems PDF
J. Šípal 109-112
Investigations of a Micropower Thermoelectric Generator Operating at a Low Temperature Difference PDF
I. Sateikis, R. Ambrulevicius, S. Lynikiene 113-116


IPTV Channel Zap Time Analysis PDF
B. Dekeris, L. Narbutaite 117-120
The System for Keeping Records of Radio and TV Receivers based on the Java J2ME Platform PDF
K. Kuk, D. Rančić, P. Spalević, G. Dimić 121-124
Determination of Radio Refractive Index using Meteorological Data PDF
E. Valma, M. Tamošiūnaitė, S. Tamošiūnas, M. Tamošiūnienė, M. Žilinskas 125-128
Design of Quantizers with Huffman Coding for Laplacian Source PDF
M. Dincic, Z. Peric 129-132


Time-Efficient Adaptive Segmentation Algorithm forIC Layers Images PDF
G. Masalskis, R. Navickas 133-138
Simulation of the MOS Transistors Structures Channel Technological Problems PDF
V. Kašauskas, R. Anilionis, D. Eidukas 139-142
CMOS Technology based Current Source with Harmonic Reducing Properties PDF
A. Kasemaa, P. Annus 143-146


Toward an International Curricula Network for exchanges and LifeLong Learning PDF
J. M. Thiriet, F. Meriaudeau, J. C. Burguillo, H. Fremont, H. Yahoui, P. de Fooz 147-150
A New Approach to 3-Axis Cylindrical and Cartesian Type Robot Manipulators in Mechatronics Education PDF
A. Altintas 151-154
Electrical Engineering Curricula – An Example of a Post-Bologna Master Course PDF
F. Lopes 155-158
Servo Control Education Tool for Industrial Applications PDF
M. F. Işık, İ. Coşkun 159-164
Co-Operation between Technical Education of University and Electro-Technical Standardization Association PDF
S. Hieta-Wilkman, J. Vesa, L. Korpinen 165-168
High Speed Video System for Tissue Measurement Based on PWM Regulated Dimming and Virtual Instrumentation PDF
D. Koniar, L. Hargaš, S. Štofan, M. Hrianka 169-172
Using Electronic Device for Muscular Strenght Determination PDF
F. Benedek, F. V. Leuciuc 173-176

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731