Vol 122, No 6 (2012)

Table of Contents


Optimization of Weighted Aggregated Sum Product Assessment PDF
E. K. Zavadskas, Z. Turskis, J. Antucheviciene, A. Zakarevicius 3-6
Dynamic Extension of Starling Resistor Model PDF
A. Mikuckas, A. Venckauskas, I. Mikuckiene 7-10
A Novel Magnitude-Squared Spectrum Cost Function for Speech Enhancement PDF
Huan Zhao, Zhiqiang Lu, Fei Yu, Cheng Xu 11-14
Automatic Assessment of Pronunciation Quality of Children within Assisted Speech Therapy PDF
O. A. Schipor, S. G. Pentiuc, M. D. Schipor 15-18
Generating Unit Tests for Floating Point Embedded Software using Compositional Dynamic Symbolic Execution PDF
J. Prelgauskas, E. Bareisa 19-22


Discrete-Level Broadband Excitation Signals: Binary/Ternary Chirps PDF
T. Paavle, M. Min 23-26
Feature Extraction and Reduction of Wavelet Transform Coefficients for EMG Pattern Classification PDF
A. Phinyomark, A. Nuidod, P. Phukpattaranont, C. Limsakul 27-32
The Approach to Processing of Biomedical Experimental Results PDF
S. Sipaviciene 32-36


Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for Aided Inertial Navigation System PDF
V. Bistrovs, A. Kluga 37-40


Study of Frequency Modulated Boost Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode PDF
D. Stepins, J. Jankovskis 41-44
Ophthalmic Artery as a sensor for non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement electronic system PDF
Laimonas Bartusis, R. Zakelis, G. Daubaris, A. Ragauskas, S. Rutkauskas, V. Matijosaitis, A. Preiksaitis 45-48
Electronic Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator Device for Patient Monitor Testing PDF
J. Kijonka, M. Penhaker 49-54


Design of an 8-bit 1GS/s F&I ADC in 0,13┬Ám SiGe BiCMOS Technology PDF
V. Barzdenas, D. Poviliauskas, G. Grazulevicius, K. Kiela 55-58


A Concise Interference Model for Wireless Sensor Networks using Directional Antennas PDF
K. Staniec, B. Miedzinski 59-64
Comparison of Passive Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Techniques for Long Reach Dense WDM-PON System PDF
Vjaceslavs Bobrovs, Sandis Spolitis, Peteris Gavars, Girts Ivanovs 65-70
Investigation of Link Layer in Inter-Vehicle Wireless Communication PDF
A. Kajackas, S. Stanaitis, K. Mikenas 71-74
Selective Aggregated Session Control with QoS Provisioning for GMPLS Networks PDF
A. Skrastins, J. Jelinskis, G. Lauks 75-78
Router Resource Management Research PDF
G. Cincikas, S. Japertas 79-82
Interaction Between Electromagnetic Field and Optical Signal Transmission in Fiber Optics PDF
A. Supe, J. Porins 83-86
Interactive Digital Television and Voice Interaction: Experimental Evaluation and Subjective Perception by Elderly PDF
V. Bures 87-90
Impact of Video Content and Technical Specifications on Subjective Quality Assessment PDF
R. Pauliks, I. Slaidins 91-96
Outage Probability of Dual-Hop CSI-assisted Relay Systems over Rayleigh/Nakagami-m Fading Channels with Interferences at the Relay PDF
A. M. Cvetkovic, M. C. Stefanovic 97-99


Performance of Linear Electric Drive at Localizing of Dust Explosions PDF
R. Rinkeviciene, Z. Savickiene, A. J. Poska 100-104
An Electrostatic Approach to the Numerical Simulation of Combined Corona and Electrostatic Field in Three-Electrode System PDF
R. Barciauskas, J. A. Virbalis, S. Zebrauskas 105-108
Fault Loop Impedance Measurement in Low Voltage Network with Residual Current Devices PDF
S. Czapp 109-112
New Control Strategy for PMSM Driven Bucket Wheel Reclaimers using GA-RBF Neural Network and Sliding Mode Control PDF
Li Qin, Xincong Zhou, Pengju Cao 113-116
Electronic Model of FitzHugh-Nagumo Neuron PDF
A. Petrovas, S. Lisauskas, A. Slepikas 117-120


The Investigation of Gyroelectric n-InAs Phase Shifters Characteristics PDF
V. Malisauskas, D. Plonis 121-124
Dispersion Compensator in Transmission using Tilted Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Pair PDF
Jonghun Lee, Cherl-Hee Lee 125-128


Measuring System for Longtime Monitoring and Visualization of Temperature and Toxic Gases Concentration PDF
R. Hajovsky, M. Pies 129-132
Simulation of GNSS Signal with Noise and Distance, Speed Probability Distribution Calculation PDF
J. Barzdziukas 133-136

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731