Vol 111, No 5 (2011)

Table of Contents


Electrodynamical Investigation of the Photonic Waveguide Structure PDF
T. Gric, L. Nickelson 3-6


Determination of Sensor Network Coverage using Probabilistic Approach PDF
J. Gorecki, B. Miedzinski, H. Nouri 7-10
Estimation of DWDM Transmission for Broadband Access with FBG Technology PDF
O. Ozolins, G. Ivanovs 11-14
Autonomous System for Observation of QoS in Telecommunications Networks PDF
A. Kajackas, V. Batkauskas, A. Saltis, D. Gursnys 15-18
Model for Wireless Base Station Goodput Evaluation in Vehicular Communication Systems PDF
A. Ipatovs, E. Petersons, J. Jansons 19-22
Variation of Radio Refractivity with Height above Ground PDF
E. Valma, M. Tamosiunaite, S. Tamosiunas, M. Tamosiuniene, M. Zilinskas 23-26
Study of the Impact of Self-Similarity on the Network Node Traffic PDF
L. Kaklauskas, L. Sakalauskas 27-32
Dynamic Data Processing with Kaiman Filter PDF
A. Kluga, J. Kluga 33-36
Comparison of Different FWM Realization Methods in Optical Fibre PDF
A. Supe, J. Porins 37-40


Experimental Research of Wireless Sensor Network Application in Aviation PDF
J. Stankunas, D. Rudinskas, E. Lasauskas 41-44
Analysis of Switching Conditions of IGBTs in Modified Sine Wave qZSIs Operated with Different Shoot-Through Control Methods PDF
D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto, J. Zakis, S. Ott, T. Jalakas 45-50
Accuracy of Electronic Devices Efficiency Evaluation PDF
D. Eidukas, V. Stupak 51-54
Fast Earth Fault Location by Analysing the Character of the Initial Processes PDF
S. Gudzius, U. Karaliute, L. A. Markevicius, A. Morkvenas, R. Miliune 55-58
The Selection of Thermistors for the Temperature Measurement Gear PDF
J. Leskauskaite, A. Dumcius 59-62


Stability Analysis of Control Systems with the Asymmetric Controllers using Frequency Domain Criterion PDF
V. Zlosnikas, A. Baskys, V. Gobis 63-66
Diffusion Welded Contacts and Related Art Applied to Semiconductor Materials PDF
O. Korolkov, N. Sleptsuk, J. Toompuu, T. Rang 67-70


Non-Destructive Evaluation of Green Ceramic Body Density by Ultrasonic Technique PDF
M. Kulokas, R. Kazys, L. Mazeika 71-76
Comparison of Orthogonal Transforms for OFDM Communication System PDF
A. Aboltins 77-80
Multimodal Wheelchair Control for the Paralyzed People
R. Maskeliunas, R. Simutis 81-84


Investigation of Time and Energy Consumption using the Physical Model PDF
A. Baums, A. Gordjusins, G. Kanonirs 85-88
Transient Analysis and Modelling of 2nd- and 4th-Order LCLC Filter under Non-Symmetrical Control PDF
B. Dobrucky, M. Benova, S. Kascak 89-94


Translingual Visemes Mapping for Lithuanian Speech Animation PDF
I. Mazonaviciute, R. Bausys 95-98
Energy Sub-Metering Data Acquisition System PDF
V. Bulbenkiene, A. Pecko, E. Zulkas, A. Kuprinavicius, A. Sokolov, G. Mumgaudis 99-102
Markovian Model of the Voltage Gating of Connexin-based Gap Junction Channels PDF
A. Sakalauskaite, H. Pranevicius, M. Pranevicius, F. Bukauskas 103-106
Peculiarities of Wiener Class Systems and their Exploitation for Speech Signal Prediction PDF
E. Ivanovas, D. Navakauskas 107-110


Model of Multiphase Induction Motor PDF
B. Kundrotas, S. Lisauskas, R. Rinkeviciene 111-114
Influence of Supply Current to the Characteristics of Reactive Oscillating Motors PDF
A. Brazaitis, E. Guseinoviene 115-118


Performance Comparison of Methods for Tree Species Classification in Multispectral Images PDF
R. Dinuls, A. Lorencs, I. Mednieks 119-122
A Case Study on Agile Estimating and Planning using Scrum PDF
V. Mahnic 123-128
Experimental Determination of Computed Tomography Settings for Jaw Scanning PDF
R. Adaskevicius, D. MacianskytÄ—, E. Monastyreckiene 129-132
Computer Restoration of 2D Medical Diagnostic Signals with Noise Frequency Spectrum PDF
M. Nikolova, Tz. Dimitrova 133-136

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731