Vol 116, No 10 (2011)

Table of Contents


Fuzzy Controller of Two-mass System PDF
S. Juraitis, R. Rinkeviciene, J. Kriauciunas 3-6
Influence of Non-Magnetic Admixtures to the Signal of Electromagnetic Flow Meter PDF
V. Pakenas, J. A. Virbalis 7-10
Peculiarities of Frequency Transients in Isolated Baltic Power System PDF
M. Azubalis, A. Bandza, A. Jonaitis 11-14
Numerical Analysis of Electric Wind in Corona Field PDF
P. Marciulionis, S. Zebrauskas 15-18
Penetration of Electric Field into Hollow Dielectric Bodies PDF
M. Peric, S. Aleksic 19-24
The Model of Smart Grid Reliability Evaluation PDF
S. Gudzius, S. Gecys, L. A. Markevicius, R. Miliune, A. Morkvenas 25-28
Optimal Locating and Sizing of TCSC for Social Welfare Maximization in Deregulated Power Markets PDF
S. M. H. Nabavi, K. Khafafi, H. Alipour, A. Sakhavati, S. Hajforoosh 29-32


Realization of Combined Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Methods in High Speed WDM Optical Transmission Systems PDF
S. Spolitis, V. Bobrovs, G. Ivanovs 33-38
Simulations of Far-end Crosstalk based on Modified Matrices of Transmission Line PDF
P. Lafata, J. Vodrazka 39-44


Fabrication of Glass-based Microfluidic Devices with Photoresist as Mask PDF
A. Bahadorimehr, B. Y. Majlis 45-48


Virtual Multisensors Data Acquisition and Analysis System Design PDF
A. Zoric, D. Perisic, S. Obradovic, P. Spalevic 49-54
Non Invasive Measurement and Visualizations of Blood Pressure PDF
M. Augustynek, M. Penhaker 55-58


Controllable Hydraulic Loading Unit for Rowing Simulator PDF
G. Dervinis, K. Sarkauskas, V. Grigas, R. T. Tolocka 59-62
Determination of Output Parameters of a Thermoelectric Module using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
B. Ciylan 63-66
Goal Directed, State and Behavior based Navigation Algorithm for Smart “Robosofa” Furniture PDF
G. Narvydas, R. Maskeliunas, V. Raudonis 67-70
Eye-Hand Coordination during Self-Moved Target Guiding Along Labyrinth Path PDF
S. Niauronis, V. Laurutis, R. Zemblys 71-74
Integral Backstepping for Attitude Tracking of a Quadrotor System PDF
M. Bouchoucha, S. Seghour, H. Osmani, M. Bouri 75-80


Inspection System based on Computer Vision PDF
M. Petkevicius, A. Vegys, T. Proscevicius, A. Lipnickas 81-84
Investigation of Students’ Knowledge and Iris Interrelationship PDF
A. Vlasenko, A. Kaklauskas, E. K. Zavadskas 85-88
A New Method for Video Parsing of Uncompressed Digital Video Streams PDF
H. I. Eskikurt, B. Boru 89-94
Microprocessor Implementation of Key Agreement Protocol Over the Ring of Multivariate Polynomials PDF
A. Katvickis, E. Sakalauskas, N. Listopadskis 95-98
Aspect-Oriented Attribute Grammars PDF
M. Mernik, D. Rebernak 99-104


Supporting the Study Process using Semantic Web Technologies PDF
V. Podgorelec, M. Gresak 105-108
An Analysis of Bachelor Final Year Projects Content in Electronic Engineering at KTU PDF
M. Saunoris, Z. Nakutis 109-112

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731