Vol 105, No 9 (2010)

Table of Contents


Performance Analysis of Telecommunication System with Feedforward Control Mechanism PDF
Z. Navickas, A. Žvironienė, R. Rindzevičius, P. Tervydis 3-8
Prediction of Electromagnetic Waves Attenuation due to Rain in the Localities of Lithuania PDF
M. Tamošiūnaitė, S. Tamošiūnas, V. Daukšas, M. Tamošiūnienė, M. Žilinskas 9-12
The Influence of Transport Layer to Ethernet Services Quality PDF
R. Jankuniene, J. Priksaitis 13-18
QoS Analysis of IMS Signalling in UMTS Networks PDF
V. Vosylius, D. Pauliukas 19-22


Multiparameter Electronic Tools Quality Level Linear Transformation Models PDF
D. Eidukas, R. Kalnius 23-27
An Investigation on the Ship Rudder with Different Control System PDF
I. Temiz 28-32
Examination of Power Converters with Modulated Switching Frequency PDF
D. Stepins 33-38
Factor of Randomness in Functional Delay Fault Test Generation for Full Scan Circuits PDF
E. Bareiša, P. Bieliauskas, V. Jusas, A. Targamadzė, L. Motiejūnas, R. Šeinauskas 39-42
An Analog Array Approach to Variable Topology Filters for Multi-mode Receivers PDF
D. Csipkes, G. Csipkes, S. Hintea, H. Fernandez-Canque 43-48
Efficiency Increase of Switched Mode Power Supply through Optimization of Transistor's Commutation Mode PDF
P. Špánik, M. Frivaldský, P. Drgoňa, J. Kandráč 49-52


The Optimal Distribution of Cooling Elements PDF
R. Račkienė, J. A. Virbalis, S. Bartkevičius, R. Lukočius 53-56
Stochastic Nature Electrical Energy Conversion Processes Experimental Research of Wind Micro Power Plant PDF
P. Balčiūnas, P. Norkevičius 57-60
Alternative Computer Cursor Shifts for Large Amplitude Eyesight Jumps PDF
V. Laurutis, S. Niauronis, R. Zemblys 61-64


Evaluation of the Performances of a Parallel Algorithm to Recognize the Patterns in Relation with the Sequential Variant PDF
C. Pughineanu 65-68


Analysis of Factors Influencing Accuracy of Speech Recognition PDF
G. Čeidaitė, L. Telksnys 69-72
Design of Forward Adaptive Uniform Quantizer for Discrete Input Samples for Laplacian Source PDF
M. Savić, Z. Perić, M. Dinčić 73-76
Design of Quasi-elliptic Filters with Specified Q-factor Parameter PDF
S. Sharkovsky, E. Grab 77-80
Comparative Analysis and Ways of Improvement of Noise Immunity of Demodulation of OQPSK Signals PDF
A. Bondariev, I. Maksymiv 81-84
Structuring Elements for the P300 Event-related Potential Detection PDF
R. Ursulean, A. M. Lazăr, M. Istrate 85-88
Study of Various Excitation and Reference Signals for Pulsed Correlation-based Ultrasound Signal Processing PDF
O. Märtens, T. Saar, M. Reidla 89-92


Estimation of Arterial Nonlinear Compliance using Ultrasound Images PDF
A. Kopustinskas, I. Kupciunas, J. Marcinkeviciene 93-96
Data Acquisition Software Architecture for Patient Monitoring Devices PDF
A. Kuusik, E. Reilent, I. Lõõbas, A. Luberg 97-100
Cardio Signals Extraction Based on Finite Sums of Exponential Functions PDF
G. Keršulytė-Raudonė, Z. Navickas 101-104
Comparison of Non-invasive Methods – Impedance Cardiography and 2-dimentional Transthoracic Echocardiography Applied for Diagnostics of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension PDF
S. Sadauskas, A. Naudžiūnas, A. Unikauskas, L. Gargasas, R. Ruseckas, V. Jurkonis, R. Jurkonienė 105-108
Risk and Protection ofMedical Information Systems PDF
Tz. D. Dimitrova 109-112


A Virtual Center for Entrepreunership PDF
C. Perra, T. Ward, H. Yahoui 113-116
Teaching, Learning and Exploring the Use of Project-Based Learning PDF
M. T. Valdez, C. F. Agreira, C. M. Ferreira, F. P. Maciel Barbosa 117-120
Professional Registration of Electrical and Information Engineers in Cyprus, Turkey and Various Countries around the World PDF
D. Z. Deniz 121-124

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731