Vol 104, No 8 (2010)

Table of Contents


Incorporating Sliding Mode and Fuzzy Controller with Bounded Torques for Set-Point Tracking of Robot Manipulators PDF
S. E. Shafiei, S. Sepasi 3-8
Fractional Indexes Impulse Responses Approximation for Discrete-Time Weyl Symbol Computation PDF
P. Orlowski 9-12
Real-time Acquisition of the Distributed Data by using an Intelligent System N. C. Gaitan PDF
N. C. Gaitan 13-18


Efficiency of the Multisource Information of the Biotronics Systems PDF
R. Gužauskas, D. Eidukas, P. Balaišis 19-22
Multilevel Inverters with Imbricated Switching Cells, PWM and DPWM-Controlled PDF
O. Ursaru, C. Aghion 23-26
Morphology-Based Approach to Detection of Free Form Line Objects in Grayscale Images PDF
I. Mednieks 27-30
Clinical Assessment of the Accuracy of ICP Non-invasive Measurement PDF
A. Ragauskas, R. Šunokas, R. Žakelis, V. Matijošaitis 31-34


Optimisation and Problems of the Channel Area Formed by Two Ion Implantations in NMOS Structures PDF
V. Kašauskas, R. Anilionis 35-38
The Adequate Selection Algorithm by Estimating Local Oxide Influence PDF
D. Andriukaitis 39-42


Simulation and Properties of the Wide-Band Hybrid Slow-Wave System PDF
V. Daškevičius, J. Skudutis, A. Katkevičius, S. Štaras 43-46
Advances in Terahertz Technology with Emphasis on Quantum Cascade Lasers PDF
R. Reeder, E. Velmre, A. Udal 47-50


Hard-Soft Real-Time Performance Evaluation of Linux RTAI Based Embedded Systems PDF
E. Dodiu, A. Graur, V. G. Gaitan 51-56
Development of New Measuring Systems Based on Symmetric Components in Electric Networks PDF
N. Marković, U. Jakšić, S. Bjelić, M. Vujičić 57-62
Rootkit Detection Experiment within a Virtual Environment PDF
J. Toldinas, D. Rudzika, V. Štuikys, G. Ziberkas 63-68


Real Time Rotor Flux Estimation for Induction Machine Drives: an Experimental Approach PDF
S. Grouni, R. Ibtiouen, M. Kidouche, O. Touhami 69-72
Thermal Analysis of the Three-Phase Induction Motor and Calculation of Its Power Loss by using Lumped-Circuit Model PDF
Y. Oner 81-84
Analysis of the Fuses’ Electro-Thermal Field PDF
A. Pleşca 85-88
Analysis of the Power Blackout in the Marmara Earthquake PDF
B. Oral, F. Dönmez 77-80
Influence of the Electric Reactor Magnetic Field on the Electromagnetic Relays PDF
J. Morozionkov, J. A. Virbalis 73-76


Adapted Mother Wavelets for Identification of Epileptiform Complexes in Electroencephalograms PDF
A. Popov, A. Kanaykin, M. Zhukov, O. Panichev, O. Bodilovsky 89-92
Wavelet-Based Entropy Analysis of Electromyography during 100 Jumps PDF
L. Daniuseviciute, K. Pukenas, M. Brazaitis, A. Skurvydas, S. Sipaviciene, I. Ramanauskiene, V. Linonis 93-96


Peculiarity of Availability Parameters for Microwave Systems PDF
V. Grimaila, S. Kašėta 97-102
The Tool for Quality Estimation of Short Voice Segments PDF
A. Anskaitis, A. Kajackas 103-108
Application of Least Square Method with Variable Parameters for GPS Accuracy Improvement PDF
V. Belinska, A. Kluga, J. Kluga 109-112
An Experimental Evaluation of AGA Algorithm for RSS Positioning in GSM Networks PDF
P. Brida, J. Machaj, J. Benikovsky, J. Duha 113-118


Monograph in Remembrance of Professor Dr. Habil. Zenonas Vainoris PDF
D. Eidukas 119-120

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731