Vol 20, No 6 (2014)

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Miniaturized Force-Torque Sensor Built in a Robot End-Effector for Delicate Tool-Tip Gripping Control PDF PDF
Yoon-Gu Kim, Jeong-Hwan Kwak, Dae-Han Hong, Jinung An 3-7
Classification of 3D Point Cloud Using Numerical Surface Signatures on Interest Points PDF
K. Rimkus, A. Lipnickas, S. Sinkevicius 8-11
Monte Carlo Based Wireless Node Localization PDF
A. Kurecka, J. Konecny, M. Prauzek, J. Koziorek 12-16


An improved Synchronous Control Strategy based on Fuzzy controller for PMSM PDF
Shao Jie, Tan Peng, Xu Yuan, Jin Xiangjun, Reza Malekian 17-23
Self-Tuning Speed Controller of the Induction Motor Drive PDF
J. Kriauciunas, R. Rinkeviciene, A. Baskys 24-28
Comparative Study of Rectifier Topologies for Quasi-Z-Source Derived Push-Pull Converter PDF
A. Chub, O. Husev, D. Vinnikov 29-34
Design Novel Fuzzy Logic Controller of IPMSM for Electric Vehicles PDF
Wu Huangyuan, Wang Shuanghong, Shao Keran, Jianbo Sun 35-41
Assessment of Light Fluctuations of LED Lamp at Different Pulse Mode Regulation Methods PDF
O. Tetervenoks, I. Galkin 42-45
Comparison of MPC and PI Controller for Grid-Connected Cascade Inverter PDF
M. Pastor, J. Dudrik 46-50
Power System Node Loadability Evaluation Using Flexibility Analysis Method PDF
W. Q. Sun, K. Xia, H. Y. Li, C. M. Wang 51-56


Stability of Negative Resistance Coefficient Thermistors for Long-term Temperature Measurement PDF
A. Dumcius, D. Gailius, P. Kuzas 57-60
Realization of Instrument for Environmental Parameters Measuring PDF
V. Rajs, V. Milosavljevic, Z. Mihajlovic, M. Zivanov, S. Krco, D. Drajic, B. Pokric 61-66
Telephone Call Duration Measurement Reference System PDF
P. Kaskonas, A. Meskuotiene 67-70


PWM for Single Phase 3L Z/qZ-Source Inverter with Balanced Power Losses PDF
C. Roncero-Clemente, O. Husev, T. Jalakas, E. Romero-Cadaval, J. Zakis, V. Minambres-Marcos 71-76
Z-Copy Controlled-Gain Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor: Advanced Possibilities in Direct Electronic Control of First-Order Filter PDF
R. Sotner, N. Herencsar, J. Jerabek, R. Prokop, A. Kartci, T. Dostal, K. Vrba 77-83
Constant Switching Frequency Self-Oscillating Controlled Class-D Amplifiers PDF
K. Nguyen-Duy, A. Knott, M. A. E. Andersen 84-88
Analysis of 6(4) - Valued Memory PDF
M. Guzan 89-92
Runtime Bitstream Relocation based Intrinsic Evolvable System PDF
Kaifeng Zhang, Huanzhang Lu, Shanzhu Xiao, Weidong Hu 93-99


Towards a Small Intra-Speaker Variability Models PDF
I. D. Jokic, S. D. Jokic, V. D. Delic, Z. H. Peric 100-103
Analysis of the Influence of Non-Directional Algorithms on Fingerprint Image Enhancement PDF
M. Kocevar, S. Klampfer, A. Chowdhury, Z. Kacic 104-109
Method for Wideband Signal Digitizing and their Real-time Reconstruction in Enlarged Dynamic Range PDF
I. Bilinskis, K. Sudars, M. Min 110-113
Self-Organizing Feature Map Preprocessed Vocabulary Renewal Algorithm for the Isolated Word Recognition System PDF
A. Serackis, G. Tamulevicius, T. Sledevic, L. Stasionis, D. Navakauskas 114-117
Application of the Modified Fractal Signature Method for Terrain Classification from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images PDF
A. Malamou, C. Pandis, P. Frangos, P. Stefaneas, A. Karakasiliotis, D. Kodokostas 118-121


Effective Scheduling Algorithm and Scheduler Implementation for use with Time-Triggered Co-operative Architecture PDF
S. Kuankid, A. Aurasopon, W. Sa-Ngiamvibool 122-127
Quality Assessment of Images with Multiple Distortions using Combined Metrics PDF
K. Okarma 128-131
Identification of Dependency among Energy Consumption and Wi-Fi Protocol Security Levels within the Prototype Module for the IoT PDF
A. Venckauskas, N. Jusas, E. Kazanavicius, V. Stuikys 132-135
Simplified Classification of Multispectral Image Fragments PDF
A. Lorencs, I. Mednieks, J. Sinica-Sinavskis 136-139
Fingerprint Pre-processing on ARM and DSP Platforms PDF
M. Gok, S. Gorgunoglu, I. Muharrem Orak 140-143


The Contention Resolution in OBS Network PDF
R. Jankuniene, P. Tervydis 144-149
An Approach for DDoS Attack Prevention in Mobile ad hoc Networks PDF
V. V. Timcenko 150-153
Testing and Design of Indoor WLAN Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques PDF
T. Yigit, M. Ersoy 154-157
The Impact of Video Streaming on Quality of Experience over 802.11n Dual Band networks: Experimental Evaluation PDF
R. Bruzgiene, L. Narbutaite, T. Adomkus, R. Cibulskis 158-161
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731