Vol 19, No 5 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorial board PDF


A Particle Filter Track-before-detect Algorithm for Multi-Radar System PDF
Dayu Huang, Anke Xue, Yunfei Guo 3-8


A Wire Electrode inside Parallelepipedicaly-Shaped Ground Inhomogeneity: Comparison of Two Solutions PDF
N. N. Cvetkovic 9-12
Direct Torque Control of Induction Drive Using Fuzzy Controller PDF
S. Lisauskas, D. Udris, D. Uznys 13-16
Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Oscillations for AC-Fed Electric Arc Furnaces in Context of Bifurcation Dynamics PDF
M. Varan, Y. Uyaroğlu 17-20
Multiobjective Distribution Network Reconfiguration Considering the Charging Load of PHEV PDF
Gaowang Li, Dongyuan Shi, Xianzhong Duan 21-26
Considerations on the Current Harmonics of Plate-Type Electrostatic Precipitators Power Supplies PDF
G. N. Popa, C. M. Dinis, S. I. Deaconu 27-32


Real Time Harmonic Analysis of Recuperative Current through Utilization of Digital Measuring Equipment PDF
P. Spanik, J. Sedo, P. Drgona, M. Frivaldsky 33-38
Analysis of Key Factors Affecting Electronic Transformer Calibration System Error PDF
Mingzhu Zhang, Zhenxing Li 39-44


Effects of Spread Spectrum on Output Filter of Buck Converter PDF
J. Jankovskis, D. Stepins, N. Ponomarenko 45-48


An Active Inductor Based Low Noise Amplifier for RF Receiver PDF
H. Aljarajreh, M. B. I. Reaz, M. S. Amin, H. Husain 49-52


Fusing of Multi-Channel Sensors for Power Station Fault Diagnosis in Marine Power Systems PDF
Ting Xiong, Chenxing Sheng, Zhihe Duan, Jun Cheng 53-56
Constructed Polynomial Windows with High Attenuation of Sidelobes PDF
K. Okarma 57-60


Markov Chain Reliability Model of Cogeneration Power Plant Substation PDF
E. Valakevičius, M. Šnipas, V. Radziukynas 61-66
The Impact of Feature Extraction and Selection on SMS Spam Filtering PDF
A. K. Uysal, S. Gunal, S. Ergin, E. Sora Gunal 67-72
Detecting VMs Co-residency in Cloud: Using Cache-based Side Channel Attacks PDF
Si Yu, Gui Xiaolin, Lin Jiancai, Zhang Xuejun, Wang Junfei 73-78
Visual Features for Lithuanian Phone Recognition PDF
G. Tamulevičius, D. Eringis 79-82


Broadband PLC Network Cross-Layer Simulation in Accordance with the IEEE P1901 Standard PDF
A. Gogić, A. Mujčić, M. Zajc, N. Suljanović 83-88
SIP Flow Time Interval between Messages of Statistical Analysis PDF
A. Jarutis, R. Gedmantas 89-92
Simulation of Ring-based Passive Optical Network and Its Experimental Verification PDF
P. Lafata, J. Vodrazka 93-98
Improving TCP Performance in IEEE 802.11 Networks PDF
A. Statkus, S. Paulikas 99-102
Sliding the SLM-technique to Reduce the Non-Linear Distortion in OFDM Systems PDF
M. A. Taher, M. J. Singh, M. B. Ismail, S. A. Samad, M. T. Islam 103-111
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731