Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika

ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA is a peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal of Kaunas University of Technology.
The research journal ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA publishes previously unpublished high scientific level articles imposed not only for specialists but also to the wider public. Major fields of interest include electronics and communications, electric energy, instrumentation and control, and automation.

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Vol 24, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

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A Novel Safe Merging Algorithm for Connected Vehicles Using NetLogo PDF
Mehmet Bozuyla, Abdullah T. Tola, Yetis Sazi Murat 3-7
Detection of the Trench Depth Based on a Differential Inertial Sensor Technology PDF
Xin Wang, Bingzhong Peng, Bogdan Miedzinski, Baoyan Hu, Miao Xu 8-14


Efficiency Improvement for a DC-DC Quadratic Power Boost Converter by Applying a Switch Turn-off Lossless Snubber Structure Based on Zero Voltage Switching PDF
Davood Ghaderi, Mehmet Celebi, Mehmet Recep Minaz, Murat Toren 15-22


Modelling and Control by Neural Network of Electric Vehicle Traction System PDF
Hristiyan Kanchev, Nikolay Hinov, Bogdan Gilev, Bruno Francois 23-28
On the Impact of Amplitude Variation on Interpolated DFT Method and How to Reduce It PDF
Wojciech Oliwa, Grzegorz Wieczorek 29-32


A High-Voltage Low-Power Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter Based on GaN and SiC Devices for LED Drivers PDF
Lin Fan, Arnold Knott, Ivan Harald Holger Jorgensen 33-40
Methods for Extension of Tunability Range in Synthetic Inductance Simulators PDF
Roman Sotner, Jan Jerabek, Norbert Herencsar, Lukas Langhammer, Jiri Petrzela, Tomas Dostal 41-45
Evaluation of the Accuracy of ADAS Module Readings Based on an Analysis of the Transient Supply Current and Neural Network Application PDF
Damian Grzechca, Pawel Rybka, Krzysztof Paszek 46-52
CAN Communication Based Modular Type Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles PDF
Mustafa Turgut, Raif Bayir, Fecir Duran 53-60


An Analytic Approach to Probabilistic Load Flow Incorporating Correlation Between Non-Gaussian Random Variables PDF
Yu Huang, Qingshan Xu, Xianqiang Jiang, Yang Yang, Guang Lin 61-67


Method of Early Staged Cyber Attacks Detection in IT and Telecommunication Networks PDF
Saulius Japertas, Tautvydas Baksys 68-77
Covariance Features for Trajectory Analysis PDF
Talha Karadeniz, Hakan Hadi Maras 78-81
Improved Degraded Document Image Binarization Using Median Filter for Background Estimation PDF
Mehdi Khitas, Lahcene Ziet, Saad Bouguezel 82-87


Performance Testing and Methodology for Evaluation of Power Line Communication PDF
Petr Mlynek, Jiri Misurec, Petr Toman, Pavel Silhavy, Radek Fujdiak, Jan Slacik, Zeynep Hasirci, Konstantin Samouylov 88-95
Application of Local Outlier Factor Algorithm to Detect Anomalies in Computer Network PDF
Juozas Auskalnis, Nerijus Paulauskas, Algirdas Baskys 96-99
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731