Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika

ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA is a peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal of Kaunas University of Technology.
The research journal ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA publishes previously unpublished high scientific level articles imposed not only for specialists but also to the wider public. Major fields of interest include electronics and communications, electric energy, instrumentation and control, and automation.

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Vol 25, No 2 (2019)

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Effective Use of MPC for Dynamic Decoupling of MIMO Systems PDF
Pavel Dworak, Jitendra Kumar Goyal, Shubham Aggarwal, Sandip Ghosh 3-8
Q-Learning Based Failure Detection and Self-Recovery Algorithm for Multi-Robot Domains PDF
Hatice Hilal Ezercan Kayir 9-13


Stability Analysis of Multi-Inverters Grid-Connected System Using Improved Current Source Impedance Ratio Criterion PDF
Hu Guozhen, Mao Ling, Liu Jun, Zhang Lei, Fang Zhi Jian 14-19
A Novel Self-Powered Smart Current Sensor for Power Equipment PDF
Jie Ren, Yong Sun, Shidong Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Yadong Liu, Kejun Li, Xiucheng Jiang 20-27


Analytic Approach for 2D Phased Array Delay Law Calculation in Case of Inspection of Objects with Complex Geometry PDF
Tautvydas Fyleris, Elena Jasiuniene 28-31


Powering Batteryless Embedded Platforms by Piezoelectric Transducers: A Pilot Study PDF
Michal Prauzek, Jaromir Konecny, Martin Vitasek, Vaclav Bajgar, Petr Musilek 32-35
Analysis of Microwave Passive Circuits Designed Using 3D Printing Techniques PDF
Hector Garcia-Martinez, Ernesto Avila-Navarro, Alberto Rodriguez-Martinez, Miguel Angel de la Casa-Lillo, German Torregrosa-Penalva 36-39


A Transient Thermal Model for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Systems and Its Experimental Validation PDF
Bojan Perovic, Dardan Klimenta, Miroljub Jevtic, Milos Milovanovic 40-46


A Novel Concept of Electrical Stimulation of Touchscreens Used for Automated Verification of Mobile Devices PDF
Ivan Kastelan, Vukota Pekovic, Nikola Teslic 47-52
Simulation and Experiments of Active Greenhouse Heating System PDF
Yuanyuan Zhang, Xin Wang, Yibo Ma, Baoyan Xu, Dong Sun 53-59
Bad Data Detection and Identification of Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems with Voltage Source Converters Using Deep Belief Network and K-Means Clustering PDF
Tong Zhang, Hucheng Li, Yu Huang, Mingyu Zhai, Fei Zeng 60-66


Phase Offset Analysis of Asymmetric Communications Infrastructure in Smart Grid PDF
Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, Siti Hajar Yousoff, Musse Mohamud Ahmed, Aisha Hassan Abdalla Hashim, Ahmad Fadzil Ismail, Shayla Islam 67-71
Development of IQRF Technology: Analysis, Simulations and Experimental Measurements PDF
Radek Fujdiak, Petr Mlynek, Lukas Malina, Milos Orgon, Jan Slacik, Petr Blazek, Jiri Misurec 72-79
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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731