Vol 123, No 7 (2012)

Table of Contents


A Novel Adaptive Distance Protection Scheme Based on Variable Data Window PDF
Xing Deng, Xianggen Yin, Zhe Zhang, Dali Wu 3-8
3D Stereo Vision Measurements for Weed-Crop Discrimination PDF
M. Tilneac, V. Dolga, S. Grigorescu, M. A. Bitea 9-12
Generalised Fractional Indexes Approximation with Application to Discrete-Time Generalised Weyl Symbol Computation PDF
P. Orlowski 13-16
Using Clarke Vector Approach for Stator Current and Voltage Analysis on Induction Motors with Broken Rotor Bars PDF
T. Vaimann, A. Kallaste, A. Kilk 17-20
PWM Control and Identification of Frequency Characteristics of a Pneumatic Actuator using PLC Controller PDF
S. Cajetinac, D. Seslija, S. Aleksandrov, M. Todorovic 21-26
An Effective Fault Identification Technique for Electrical Engineering PDF
Yagang Zhang, Zengping Wang, Shuqiang Zhao 27-30


Investigation of Heat Transfer of Electronic System through Utilization of Novel Computation Algorithms PDF
P. Spanik, J. Cuntala, M. Frivaldsky, P. Drgona 31-36
Combined Analytical and Numerical Approach to Study Coil Arrays for Contactless Charging of Batteries in Active Transponders PDF
F. A. Hrebenciuc, D. Moga, D. Petreus, Z. Barabas, R. Moga 37-42
Speed Control for DC Motor Drive based on Fuzzy and Genetic PI Controller – A Comparative Study PDF
Nihat Öztürk 43-48
Modelling and Analysis of Lightning Overvoltage Protection of MV Cable Laterals Connected with Overhead Lines PDF
Murtaza Hashmi, Matti Lehtonen, Seppo Hänninen 49-52
Capacitor Activated Self-Excitation System of Synchronous Generator PDF
G. Zaleskis, I. Rankis 53-56
Selection of Energizing Quantities for Sensitive Ground Fault Protection of MV Electric Power Networks PDF
B. Miedzinski, D. Pyda, M. Habrych 57-60


Modeling of Ultrasonic Measurement Systems with Waveguides PDF
R. Kazys, E. Zukauskas, R. Rekuviene 61-64


Complex Fourier Series Mathematical Model of a Three-Phase Inverter with Improved PWM Output Voltage Control PDF
P. Zaskalicky, B. Dobrucky 65-68


A Microwave Sensor for Evaluation of Plastic Wall Thickness PDF
A. Janeliauskas 69-74
A Compact Wideband Antenna on Dielectric Material Substrate for K Band PDF
M. Habib Ullah, M. T. Islam, J. S. Mandeep, N. Misran, N. Nikabdullah 75-78


Hardware Approach of Two Way Conversion of Floating Point to Fixed Point for Current dq PI Controller of FOC PMSM Drive PDF
Mohd. Marufuzzaman, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, L. F. Rahman 79-82


Influence of the Number of Principal Components used to the Automatic Speaker Recognition Accuracy PDF
I. Jokic, S. Jokic, M. Gnjatovic, V. Delic, Z. Peric 83-86
Probability Distribution of Multiple-Access Interference in Chaotic Spreading Codes based on DS-CDMA Communication System PDF
A. Litvinenko, E. Bekeris 87-90
Rational Polynomial Windows as an Alternative for Kaiser Window PDF
K. Okarma 91-94
Comparison of Point-to-Point and Multipoint Human Artery Pulse Wave Transit Time Measurement Algorithms PDF
A. Stankus, Z. Lukosius, D. Aponkus, A. Andziulis, V. Stankus, M. Kurmis, U. Locans 95-98
A New Method for Fault Diagnosis of Mine Hoist based on Manifold Learning and Genetic Algorithm Optimized Support Vector Machine PDF
Sunwen Du 99-102


Development of TMY database in Northeast China for Solar Energy Applications PDF
Qingshan Xu, Haixiang Zang 103-108
Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Marine Diesel Engines using Information Fusion Techniques PDF
Zhixiong Li, Xinping Yan, Zhiwei Guo, Yuelei Zhang, Chengqing Yuan, Z. Peng 109-112
Petri Nets based Production System Model Simplification PDF
Zhijian Wang, Yuping Hu, Jun Zhang 113-118
An Improved kNN Algorithm based on Essential Vector PDF
Weidong Zhao, Shuanglin Tang, Weihui Dai 119-122


Migration of the IT Technologies to the Smart Grids PDF
L. Cepa, Z. Kocur, Z. Muller 123-128
Impact of Radio Fingerprints Processing on Localization Accuracy of Fingerprinting Algorithms PDF
J. Machaj, P. Brida 129-132
Comparison of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier and Discrete Raman Amplifier Performance in DWDM Systems PDF
S. Olonkins, V. Bobrovs, G. Ivanovs 133-136

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731