Vol 112, No 6 (2011)

Table of Contents


Lightning Protection for Buildings Energized by Renewable Energy Sources PDF
E. Cetin, A. Yilanci, H. K. Ozturk, G. Uckan, M. Hekim, M. Colak, S. Icli 7-10
Analytical Determination of Mechanical Characteristics of Asynchronous Motors by Varying the Electric Current Frequency PDF
J. Buksnaitis 3-6
Protection against Electric Field in the Outdoor Switch-Gear Workplaces PDF
R. Deltuva, J. A. Virbalis 11-14
Designing of a Permanent Magnet and Directly Driven Synchronous Generator for Low Speed Turbines PDF
I. Tarimer, E. O. Yuzer 15-18


Investigation of Allowed Channel Spacing for Differently Modulated Optical Signals in Combined HDWDM Systems PDF
A. Udalcovs, V. Bobrovs, G. Ivanovs 19-24
Performance Evaluation of Three Layer Vehicular Network PDF
E. Petersons, N. Bogdanovs 25-28
Testing the Null Hypothesis of Stationarity of Internet Traffic PDF
G. Lauks, A. Skrastins, J. Jelinskis 29-32
The Evaluation of 16-Channel Hybrid ASE and LED WDM-PON System Performance PDF
I. Lasuks 33-36
Multipath Routing with Adaptive Carrier Sense for Video Applications in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks PDF
L. Cikovskis, S. Vdovins, I. Slaidins 37-42
QoS Analysis in IMS Network PDF
A. Jarutis, S. Simkute 43-46


The Approximation Aspects of Characteristics of Semiconductor Temperature Sensors PDF
A. Dumcius, V. Augutis, D. Gailius 47-50
Extended Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters: Possibilities and Challenges PDF
D. Vinnikov, I. Roasto, T. Jalakas, S. Ott 51-56
Reliability of Electronic Devices at Early Stages of Life Cycle PDF
V. Stupak 57-60
Verification of Initialization Sequences for Sequential Circuits PDF
K. Morkunas, R. Seinauskas 61-64
Imitation Model of Traffic Flows PDF
K. Balsys, A. Valinevicius, D. Eidukas 65-68


Fully Controllable First Order Current Mode Universal Filter Composed of BJTs and a Grounded Capacitor PDF
R. Arslanalp, A. T. Tola, E. Yuce 69-72


An Algorithm to Estimate Thermal Radiance Centre in the Sky Hemisphere for Automotive Solar Sensor Validation PDF
S. Jacenas 73-76
MEMS INS/GPS Data Fusion using Particle Filter PDF
V. Bistrovs, A. Kluga 77-80
Simulation of IEEE 802.16j Mobile WiMAX Relay Network to Determine the Most Efficient Zone to Deploy Relay Station PDF
V. Bulbenkiene, V. Pareigis, A. Andziulis, M. Kurmis, S. Jakovlev 81-84


Noise Level Estimation in the Shortwave Frequency Range PDF
E. Lossmann, M. A. Meister, U. Madar 85-88
Three-Dimensional Cell Counting based on Two Dimensional Cross-Section Images PDF
J. Anton, T. Saar 89-94
Introduction Into the Novel Two-Dimensional Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Based on Rotation Angles PDF
P. Misans, U. Derums 95-100


Automated Regression Testing using Symbolic Execution PDF
D. Barisas, T. Milasius, E. Bareisa 101-105
IEC 61850 and Measurements PDF
I. Dmitrenko 106-110
Assessment of Dongle-based Software Copy Protection Combined with Additional Protection Methods PDF
A. Liutkevicius, A. Vrubliauskas, E. Kazanavicius 111-116
Polynomial Curve Fitting with Varying Real Powers PDF
B. Cetisli, H. Kalkan 117-122
Characteristics of Fault Detection System for Smart Grid Distribution Network PDF
S. Gudzius, L. A. Markevicius, A. Morkvenas 123-126

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731