Vol 107, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


Adaptive Frequency Evaluation Method PDF
R. Lukocius, J. A. Virbalis 3-6
Wireless Sensor Network for Distributed Measurement of Electrical Field PDF
A. Severdaks, G. Supols, M. Greitans, L. Selavo 7-10
Multi-Agent Based E-Social Care Support System for Inhabitancies of a Smart Eco-Social Apartment PDF
A. A. Bielskis, A. Andziulis, O. Ramasauskas, E. Guseinoviene, D. Dzemydiene, G. Gricius 11-14
Stereo Vision based Traffic Analysis System PDF
T. Surgailis, A. Valinevicius, D. Eidukas 15-18
The Worst or Average Availability: Option for the SLA Contract PDF
I. Rados 19-24


Identification of Dynamic Model of Synchronous Generator High Frequency Excitation System PDF
A. Jonaitis, J. Daunoras 25-28
Investigation of the Electromagnetic Fields in Gyrotropic Waveguides PDF
V. Malisauskas, T. Sledevic 29-32


Non-Destructive Method of Measurement of Radio Transmitters Antenna Systems PDF
M. Simko, M. Chapac 33-46
Robust Fingerprint Enhancement by Directional Filtering in Fourier Domain PDF
B. M. Popovic, M. V. Bandjur, A. M. Raicevic 37-40
Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting with ANN in Batman, Turkey PDF
T. C. Akinci 41-45


Extracting Conceptual Data Specifications from Legacy Information Systems PDF
B. Paradauskas, A. Laurikaitis 46-50
Tuning Fuzzy Perceptron using Parallelized Evolutionary Algorithms PDF
Gh. Radu, I. Balan, I. Ungurean 51-54
Speaker Recognition using Excitation Source Parameters PDF
J. Kamarauskas, B. Salna 55-58
Extension of the Common Information Model with Virtual Meter PDF
S. Vukmirovic, A. Erdeljan 59-64
Heuristic Methods in Vehicle Routing Systems PDF
O. Kuscu, E. U. Kucuksille 65-70
Assessment of Electric Impedance Varieties of Grain, Treated in Magnetic Field PDF
R. Vejelis, A. Zajanckauskas 71-74


System for Short Term Forecast of Electric Power Consumption in a Distributed Company PDF
R. Pentiuc, O. C. Ungurean, S. G. Pentiuc, M. Bernea, C. Popa 75-78
Estimation of the Feasible Wind Power in a Small Power System PDF
M. Azubalis, V. Azubalis, D. Slusnys 79-82
Research of Harmonic Minimization Possibilities in Grid-tied Photovoltaic System PDF
C. Ramonas, V. Adomavicius, S. Gecys 83-86
Informatical Model of the System of Automatic Breakdown Control in Energetic Systems PDF
S. Bjelic, U. Jaksic, N. Markovic 87-92
Measurements of Surge Currents and Potentials in a Radio Base Station for Estimation of Lightning Threat PDF
R. Markowska, J. Wiater, A. Sowa 93-98
Investigation of Wind Power Parks Islanding Conditions in Small Parts of Smart Power System PDF
T. Deveikis, E. Nevardauskas 99-102
Recognition of Fast Electromagnetic Transients in HV Overhead Lines PDF
S. Gudzius, A. Morkvenas, L. A. Markevicius, R. Miliune, L. Markevicius 103-106
Modelling and Analysis of Switching Overvoltages Caused by Short Circuits in MV Cables Connected with Overhead Lines PDF
M. Hashmi, M. Lehtonen, S. Hanninen 107-110


Impact of Background Traffic on VoIP QoS Parameters in GPON Upstream Link PDF
I. Bridova, M. Vaculik, P. Brida 111-114

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731