Vol 19, No 7 (2013)

Table of Contents


Improving Quality of Regulation of a Nonlinear MIMO Dynamic Plant PDF
P. Dworak, M. Brasel 3-6
Detecting the Mobile Robot Position Using the Profile of Known Environment PDF
V. Baranauskas, S. Bartkevicius, O. Fiodorova, K. Sarkauskas 7-10


Efficiency Maximization of the Air Core Double-Sided Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor PDF
A. Darabi, R. Ghanaee, A. Shariati, M. Siahi 11-16
Harmonic Analysis by Modelling and Simulation of the Wind Farm Based on DFIG PDF
H. Xiao, Y. Liu, H. Liu 17-21
Effect of Terminating Resistance on High Frequency Behaviour of Rogowski Coil for Transient Measurements PDF
M. Shafiq, M. Lethonen, L. Kutt, G. A. Hussain, M. Hashmi 22-28
The Efficiency of Reactive Power Compensation of High Power Nonlinear Loads PDF
J. Wosik, M. Kalus, A. Kozlowski, B. Miedzinski, M. Habrych 29-32
Measurements and Estimation of the Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field of the Overhead Power Lines PDF
G. Petrović, T. Kilić, T. Garma 33-36
Traveling Wave Phenomena in Modeling of Lightning Threat to Equipment during Direct Strike to the Tower of GSM Base Station PDF
R. Markowska, A. W. Sowa 37-40
High Performance and Reliable Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors in Electric Vehicle Applications PDF
V. Erginer, M. H. Sarul 41-46
Gradual Configuration Research on Energy Storage System for a Photovoltaic Plant PDF
Haihong Bian, Wei Wang, Kai Chen, Xiaohui Xu, Qingshan Xu 47-52


Modeling of Temperature Field Distribution in Mine Dumps with Spread Prediction PDF
Z. Machacek, R. Hajovsky 53-56


Improving Power-Conversion Efficiency via a Hybrid MPPT Approach for Photovoltaic Systems PDF
J. Ma, K. L. Man, N. Zhang, S. U. Guan, P. W.H. Wong, E. G. Lim, T. Krilavicius, J. Kapociute-Dzikiene, C. U. Lei 57-60
Local Energy Management Unit for Residential Applications PDF
M. Pérez-Romero, J. Gallardo-Lozano, E. Romero-Cadaval, A. Lozano-Tello 61-64
Statistically Biased Calibration Method for the Real-time Adjustment of Noninvasive Haemoglobin Measurements in a Semi-automated Infusion System PDF
V. Markevičius, A. Andrijauskas, D. Navikas, C. Svensen, N. Porvaneckas, D. Andriukaitis, G. Kvederas, D. Cincikas, P. Andrijauskas 65-71


Parallel Algorithms for the Synthesis of the Multi-Tapped Meander Delay Lines PDF
R. Pomarnacki, V. Urbanavicius 72-75


Comparison of Linear Discriminant Analysis Approaches in Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
N. Jakovljevic, D. Miskovic, M. Janev, M. Secujski, V. Delic 76-79
Multiple Physiological Signal-Based Human Stress Identification Using Non-Linear Classifiers PDF
K. Palanisamy, M. Murugappan, S. Yaacob 80-85


Optimization of Combinational Logic Circuits with Genetic Programming PDF
S. Karakatic, V. Podgorelec, M. Hericko 86-89
Comparative Analysis of Adapted Foreign Language and Native Lithuanian Speech Recognizers for Voice User Interface PDF
V. Rudzionis, G. Raskinis, R. Maskeliunas, A. Rudzionis, K. Ratkevicius 90-93
An Informative Feature Extraction Algorithm for Kernel Machines PDF
J. S. Liu 94-97
The QoGS Method Application for Selection of Computing Resources in Intercloud PDF
G. Vilutis, R. Butkiene, I. Lagzdinyte-Budnike, D. Sandonavicius, K. Paulikas 98-103


Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Bandwidth Maximization in TDMA-based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
A. Sirbu, G. Breabăn, I. Cleju, I. Bogdan 104-109
Subjective and Objective MOS Evaluation of User’s Perceived Quality Assessment for IPTV Service: a Study of the Experimental Investigations PDF
R. Bruzgiene, L. Narbutaite, T. Adomkus, R. Cibulskis 110-113

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731