Vol 14, No 1 (1998)

Table of Contents


Spatial Filtering and Distortions of Visual Image
A. Bulatov, A. Bertulis
The Establishment of Connection Forms and Strength Between Parameters in Automated Medical Diagnosis
M. Soblys
Modelling of Offset Antenna Mirror
L. Diciunas
Software for Color TV Tubes Designing
J. Dainauskas, V. Cepulis
Security Receiving-Control System
Z. Bliznikas, K. Breive, P. Silinskas
Investigation of Potential Capabilities of Thermoelectric Thermometers for Estimation of Speed of Sound in Acoustical Distance Meters
J. Ramanauskas
Properties of the Helix with Asymmetrically Displaced Shield
S. Staras, J. Skudutis, V. Daskevicius
Splines in Periodic Time-Domain Circuit Analysis
S. Bartkevicius
Automated System for Control of Wave Impedance of the Delay Lines Controlled by PC
A. Gurskas, A. Kleiza
Plasmochemical Deposition of an Ultrathin (CFx)n Film
V. Kopustinskas, V. Grigaliunas, M. Andrulevicius, J. Margelevicius
Strategy of CMOS IC Layout Topology Design and Verification
R. Beniseviciute, A. Lipnickas, G. Sadauskas, G. Vaitkevicius
Simulation of the Wide-Band DAD Converters
A. Marcinkevicius
Properties of Reactive Synchronous Machines
P. Kostrauskas, A. Kalvaitis
Comparison Criteria of Investigated Statistical Characteristics in Stochastic Diagnostic Systems
V.A. Buinevicius, S.R. Petrikis
The Properties of the Samplers of the Optoelectronic Analog-to-digital Converters with Different Half-wave Voltage Modulators
R. Martavicius, V.A. Malinauskas

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731