Vol 19, No 9 (2013)

Table of Contents


Controller with the Set Point Shift of Domestic Water Supply Control System PDF
V. Gobis, A. Baskys, V. Zlosnikas, E. Meile, A. Platakis 3-6
Positioning Research for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on PSO Algorithm PDF
Fengrong Zhang 7-10


Research of Electromagnetic Parameters of Single-layer Three-phase and Six-phase Chain Windings PDF
J. Buksnaitis 11-14
A Control Strategy of DFIG under Unbalanced Grid Voltage PDF
Hui Xiao, Feiyan Liu 15-20
Transmission Line Protection and Fault Location Based on Travelling Wave Measurement PDF
V. Siozinys, R. Urniezius 21-24
A New Method to Solve Reactive Power Optimization Problems of Power System by Introducing the Branch Current PDF
Tao Yi, Chengmin Wang, Ning Xie, Yang Gao 25-30
Comprehensive Detection and Isolation of Fault in Complicated Electrical Engineering PDF
Yagang Zhang, Zheng Zhao, Zengping Wang 31-34
Analysis and Classification of Different Types of Partial Discharges by Harmonic Orders PDF
M. S. Hapeez, A. F. Abidin, H. Hashim, N. R. Hamzah, M. K. Hamzah 35-41


Non-invasive Muscle Temperature Control during Cooling PDF
S. Sipaviciene, A. Dumciene 42-45
Application of Multiple Line Integrated Spectroscopy on CO Concentration Measurement PDF
P. Komada, S. Cieszczyk 46-49


Direct Interconnection of Ports in Modern Functional Blocks Based on Current Conveyor and CCTA for Circuit Design PDF
T. Dostal, R. Sotner 50-56
Modeling of Steady State Operation of Two-Input DC-DC Converter for Combining of Harvested and Reserve Powers PDF
Z. Nakutis, R. Ramanauskas, P. Kaskonas, V. Knyva, M. Saunoris, M. Knyva 57-60
Computer-Based Vectorcardiograph for Research Purposes PDF
M. Vozda, B. Hrvolova, J. Krohova, M. Smondrk, M. Penhaker 61-64


A Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for 60 GHz Wireless Applications PDF
M. S. Alam, M. T. Islam, N. Misran, J. S. Mandeep 65-70


Search for Keywords and Vocal Elements in Audio Recordings PDF
M. Sigmund 71-74
EMI Suppression in High Frequency Half Bridge Converter PDF
A. Majid, J. Saleem, F. Alam, K. Bertilsson 75-80
Time Domain Distortion Estimation and Correction Using Sample Shifting Procedure PDF
R. Cirulis, M. Greitans, E. Hermanis 81-84
Peculiarities of Multivariate Analysis Based Methods for Detection and Evaluation of ECG T-wave Alternans PDF
S. Krakauskaite, R. Simoliuniene, R. Petrolis, A. Krisciukaitis 85-88


An Analysis of Uncertainty and Robustness of Waterjet Machine Positioning Vision System PDF
D. M. Dziak, B. S. Jachimczyk, W. J. Kulesza 89-92
Viseme Recognition System Based on Transformed Acoustic Models PDF
A. Zgank, Z. Kacic 93-96


Automated Knowledge Based Filter Synthesis Using Gegenbauer Approximation and Optimization of Pole-Q Factors PDF
M. Lutovac, V. Pavlovic, M. Lutovac 97-100
A Simple Method for Determining an Optimal Number of Access Points in Distributed WLAN Networks PDF
K. Staniec, M. Kowal 101-104
Adaptive Channel Selection Algorithm for a Large Scale Street Lighting Control ZigBee Network PDF
A. Lavric, V. Popa, S. Sfichi 105-109

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731