Processing Sorted Subsets in a Multi-level Reconfigurable Computing System


  • Artjom Rjabov Tallinn University of Technology
  • Valery Sklyarov University of Aveiro
  • Iouliia Skliarova University of Aveiro
  • Alexander Sudnitson Tallinn University of Technology



The paper suggests a technique for extracting and filtering sorted subsets in a three-level computing system with such sub-systems as general-purpose computer (level 1), ARM Cortex-A9 (level 2), and reconfigurable logic (level 3). The last two levels are implemented in Zynq-7000 device available on the prototyping board ZC706. Communications between the levels 1 and 2-3 are organized through PCI express bus and interactions between components of levels 2 and 3 - through on-chip AXI interfaces. We studied two levels of software programs (running in PC and ARM), high-performance hardware accelerators implemented in Zynq-7000 programmable logic, and architecture enabling interactions and exchange of data between different levels. The selected for analysis sorting problem has high computational complexity and is widely required in data processing (data mining and statistical data manipulation, in particular). The results of experiments demonstrate that the elaborated architecture is efficient and permits fast solutions to be found. Proposals for potential further improvements are also given.





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Rjabov, A., Sklyarov, V., Skliarova, I., & Sudnitson, A. (2015). Processing Sorted Subsets in a Multi-level Reconfigurable Computing System. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 21(2), 30-33.