Research on Big Data Mining Technology of Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour

  • Yujun Liu
  • Yi Hong
  • Cheng Hu
Keywords: Electric vehicle, Charging behaviour, Big data, Random Forest, Cluster analysis


Thousands of electric vehicles (EV), which are large in number and flexible in their use of electricity, will be connected to the power system in the near future, which will bring more uncertainty to the power system. Therefore, it is necessary to study the general characteristics of EV charging behaviours. In the charging process, big data regarding charging behaviour of EVs are generated. This paper proposes a big data mining technique based on Random Forest and Principle Component Analysis for EV charging behaviour to identify and analyse clusters with different charging characteristics from the big data. This paper uses Dundee’s January 2018 EV charging data to conduct experiments, and obtains the charging behaviour clusters of the workdays, weekends, and holidays of January. The superiority of the random forest algorithm in the EV clustering problem is reflected when compared to the Euclidean distance method. The clusters obtained by the random forest algorithm have clearer characteristics, including the user’s charging method and travel behaviour. The results show that the charging behaviour of EVs has certain regularity, and the charging load has obvious peak-to-valley difference that is necessary to be regulated.

How to Cite
Liu, Y., Hong, Y., & Hu, C. (2019). Research on Big Data Mining Technology of Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 25(6), 55-61.