Design and Implementation of FMCW Surveillance Radar Based on Dual Chirps

Youngseok Jin, Bongseok Kim, Sangdong Kim, Jonghun Lee


We propose and implement a low-complexity dual-chirp FMCW radar system for surveillance applications. The FMCW radar is suitable for the detection of various positions of multiple targets for the monitoring of concealed humans. For a surveillance FMCW radar system, it is necessary to distinguish between stationary and moving targets while maintaining a low level of complexity. However, conventional FMCW radar systems are very complex with many chirps to distinguish between stationary and moving targets. Even in hardware with low complexity levels, in order to distinguish between a stationary and a moving target, the proposed algorithm employs only dual chirps. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively distinguish between moving and stationary targets despite its low complexity and low-level hardware.



FMCW; Radar; Surveillance; Low complexity.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731