Capacitor Allocation Using Multiobjective Water Cycle Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic




Radial distribution network, Capacitor placement, Fuzzy logic, Multiobjective optimization, Water cycle algorithm


Radial distribution systems are susceptible to a lack of voltage profile and increase system losses, particularly at the distant ends of the distribution feeder. This manuscript proposes an approach to solve the optimal capacitor placement problem in radial distribution networks to minimize system losses, improve the voltage profile of all buses, promote total voltage stability, and improve net savings. The optimal capacitor placement problem is solved in two stages. Firstly, normalized loss sensitivity factor and voltage magnitude are used as inputs to build fuzzy expert rules to arrange the most candidate buses for capacitor placement. Secondly, a multiobjective water cycle algorithm is applied to determine the optimal sizes and locations of capacitors within the predefined search space using fuzzy expert rules. The multiobjective function is formulated with operational constraints considering fixed and switched capacitors. To validate the effectiveness of this methodology, it is demonstrated on IEEE 33 and IEEE 94-bus radial distribution networks. Clearly, the findings show the improvement in the voltage profile and static voltage stability, the significant reduction in system losses, as well as the enhancement in overall savings. Furthermore, a comprehensive evaluation is also carried out by comparing the numerical results with other methods such as interior point algorithm, a combination fuzzy real coded genetic algorithm method, water cycle algorithm for IEEE 33-bus system and artificial bee colony algorithm for IEEE 94-bus system which prove the viability and effectiveness of the proposed methodology.




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Mohamed El-Saeed, M. A. E., Abdel-Gwaad, A. F., & Farahat, M. A. (2022). Capacitor Allocation Using Multiobjective Water Cycle Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 28(2), 35-45.