Electro-Thermal Modelling and Experimental Verification of Power Semiconductor Diode


  • Miroslav Pavelek University of Zilina
  • Michal Frivaldsky University of Zilina Faculty of electrical engineering Department of mechatronics and electronics
  • Peter Sojka University of Zilina
  • Jan Morgos University of Zilina




Temperature, Modelling, Electro-thermal domain, Power diode, Optimization


The aim of the proposed paper is discussing problematics related to the thermal modelling of power electronic components. More in detail, the electro-thermal relationship is investigated for the selected power diode, while analysis shall serve for system optimization considering thermal performance with the use of highly accurate 3D simulation model. The presented approach describes the procedure of the simulation model development, whereby the main part is discussing necessities relevant for material property identification through the indirect procedure, i.e, material properties are not known from the manufacturer. Electro-thermal dependencies are defined within the proposed model, while this model enables parametric changes of the geometrical properties of the device. Added value of this procedure is the possibility of its use in exact determination of the lifetime of a semiconductor component using mathematical models taking into account operational variables (current, voltage, temperature, etc.). The proposed model is verified and validated through thermovision experimental measurements within defined operational conditions.




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Pavelek, M., Frivaldsky, M., Sojka, P., & Morgos, J. (2020). Electro-Thermal Modelling and Experimental Verification of Power Semiconductor Diode. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 26(2), 48-53. https://doi.org/10.5755/j01.eie.26.2.25783




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