Impact of Symmetrical Phase Shifter on Power-System State Estimation


  • Tomasz Okon
  • Kazimierz Wilkosz



Model, Phase shifter, Power flow control, Power system, State estimation.


The paper deals with Power System State Estimation (PSSE) that plays essential role in modern dispatcher centres. The aim of the paper is to present results of original investigations on change of properties of PSSE when a symmetrical phase shifter is installed in a Power System (PS). The mentioned phase shifter is one of the types of phase shifters. Such the phase shifter is installed in the Polish Power System. In the paper, the following indices characterizing properties of PSSE are considered: the number of iterations in PSSE calculation, the conditionality of the solved equations and accuracy of estimation. The investigations are made using the IEEE 14-bus test system. The properties of PSSE are analysed when there is the phase shifter and when there is not such the device in PS for the polar and rectangular coordinate systems. The investigations are so organized to take into account possibly all space of states of PS. Results of the investigations show that there is noticeable change of the properties of PSSE as an effect of installation of the phase shifter in PS. In the paper, also such the cases are indicated, in which those changes are the smallest.





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Okon, T., & Wilkosz, K. (2018). Impact of Symmetrical Phase Shifter on Power-System State Estimation. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 24(4), 20-26.