Broadband Optical Receiver IC on InP


  • A. Aulas Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • B. Laurinavičius Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • M. Chusnutdinov JSC ”GiGA Baltic”


The principals of optical communication systems operating at 10 Gbps and more are presented at this paper. A Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) is the main part here. The Photo Diode current is a single input signal for TIA, and the differential voltage is the TIA output signal. A several ways to provide a reference voltage (biasing) to the second input of differential stage are inspected. The mostly suitable solution in case of 10 Gbps TIA designed on InP process is the using of a feedback loop with external operation amplifier. The good performance of such TIA was demonstrated using simulations with cadence tool. TIA ICs designed on InP process look promising due to advantages, which goes to be important with the growth of communication speed. These are high transistor bandwidth and the possibility of integrating the photodiode and TIA on the same chip, what reduces noises and signal distortions. This lets to foretell the optical receiver IC on InP process will be used at 10…40 Gbps area. Ill. 2, bibl. 5 (in English; summaries in Lithuanian, English and Russian).




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