SysML and UML models usage in Knowledge Based MDA process

  • Rimantas Butleris Kaunas University of Technology
  • Audrius Lopata Vilnius University
  • Martas Ambraziunas Vilnius University
  • Ilona Veitaitė Vilnius University
  • Saulius Masteika Vilnius University
Keywords: UML, SysML, MDA, Enterprise Model, Knowledge Based IS Engineering


The article presents Enterprise Model generation process from SysML models of four types (Use Case, Activity, Block Definitionand Requirements) as well as Knowledge Based MDA tool’s prototype which isimplementing the defined algorithms. In the article defined SysML models parsing algorithms use the recursive data processing approach due to complex UML models structure.The algorithms description is presented as Activity diagrams and explained in tables, where are depicted basics steps and actors as well as the output results. Knowledge Based MDA tool’s prototype currently is capable of processing Use Case and Activity models. Prototype is implemented using three layers (GUI,Logic and Data) architecture. The detailed architecture is presented and described in this article using class diagrams.  The prototype is implemented using .Net frameworkand C# programming language.


Author Biographies

Rimantas Butleris, Kaunas University of Technology
Department of Information Systems, professor
Audrius Lopata, Vilnius University
Informatics Department, professor
Martas Ambraziunas, Vilnius University
Informatics Department, PhD student
Ilona Veitaitė, Vilnius University
Informatics Department, PhD student
Saulius Masteika, Vilnius University
Informatics Department, assoc. professor