Influence of Users’ Density on the Mean Base Station Output Power

  • M. Mileusnic Beograd
  • M. Popovic University in Novi Sad
  • A. Lebl Beograd
  • D. Mitic Beograd
  • Z. Markov Beograd
Keywords: Base station, cellular phones, GSM, mobile communication


In this paper we developed the method for determination of output power of base station as the function of distribution of users’ density in one GSM cell. The method consists of several steps: determination of the function of density distribution (PDF) and function of distribution (CDF) of distance between user and base station, finding PDF of output power of one GSM channel. In order to prove calculated results, we developed the program for simulating seizure and release channels in one GSM cell. It is necessary that inverse function of CDF of distance between user and base station exists in order to implement this program. This simulation program can be used to estimate CDF of total emission power of base station. Calculation of CDF of total emission power is, except in simplest cases, pretty complicate.