Bee-MANET: A New Swarm-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

  • Z. Albayrak Niksar Vocational High School. Gaziosmanpa University.
  • A. Zengin Computer Engineering , Sakarya University
Keywords: Mobile Ad-Hoc networks, Ns-2, routing protocols, swarm intelligence, simulation


Recently, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) have drawn attention by many researchers due to the development of portable devices and wireless network appliances have accounted for ad hoc networks. Many academic researchers have shown great interest in ad hoc networks for twenty years. One of the main fields adopted by researchers studying on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks is to develop routing protocols in wireless systems. Routing protocol development is related to complexity, scalability, adaptability, productivity, and battery life in wireless systems. Routing protocols for wireless systems are developed in order to cope with these problems. In this paper, a new routing protocol for mobile ad hoc network (Bee-MANET) was presented to improve network throughput. Bee-MANET, AODV and Beeadhoc routing algorithms for MANETs are empirically compared in order to research their large-scale behaviors. The results presented as graphs and brief discussion is given.


Author Biography

Z. Albayrak, Niksar Vocational High School. Gaziosmanpa University.
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