A Novel Hybrid Compensation Method Reducing the Effects of Distorted Input Voltages in Matrix Converters

  • Hulusi Karaca
  • Ramazan Akkaya
Keywords: Matrix converter, Distorted input voltages, AC-AC converters, Hybrid compensation


Matrix converters have the most compact and efficient AC-AC converter structure due to the lack of the DC intermediate components. The matrix converter makes a single-stage conversion directly connecting any terminal of voltage source to any terminal of load. This outstanding feature leads to some problems that must be overcome under the distorted input voltage conditions. A matrix converter has low immunity to power source disturbances, because it has no DC intermediate circuit. Any disturbance in the power source creates a negative effect on the load of the matrix converter and on the current drawn from the source. In this study, a novel compensation method, which provides immunity against input voltage disturbances, is suggested for the matrix converter. The suggested method has a hybrid structure, which includes both feedforward and fuzzy logic controller based feedback methods. The effectiveness and accuracy of the suggested new hybrid compensation approach are proved by the various results obtained.