A New Method in Pilot Reuse Factor Selection in Spectrum Efficient Massive MIMO Systems

  • Osman Dikmen
  • Selman Kulac
Keywords: Massive MIMO, Millimetre wave, Pilot reuse factor, Spectrum efficiency


Spectrum efficiency studies of Massive MIMO systems have continued and still have not been fully explored in the literature. Therefore, the spectrum efficiency definition of a particular user in a cell in a Massive MIMO network is expressed in this paper. In addition, the uplink spectrum efficiency expressions for the Rayleigh fading are included. The Monte Carlo simulations are performed to verify these expressions. Due to the expectation of reaching to a thousand antennas together with the millimetre wave structure in the next years, in this study, it is contributed to the literature by explaining how to select the pilot reuse factor. The realization of this contribution is based on Zero Forcing (ZF) and Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) schemes. The results of this study are useful for optimal design conditions, such as the number of antennas on the base station and pilot reuse factor selection for the next generation networks in order to obtain spectrum efficiency in Massive MIMO systems.


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