Pairwise Error Probability Analysis of Low Density Parity Check Coded Asynchronous Distributed Space Time Block Codes

  • Varsha Vimal Sood
  • Surbhi Sharma
  • Rajesh Khanna
Keywords: Asynchronous communication, Channel coding, Cooperative communication, Pair wise error probability.


In this work, we have analysed the performance of a low density parity check (LDPC) coded Amplify and forward (AF) based asynchronous distributed space time block coded (ADSTBC) cooperative system. The proposed concatenated LDPC-ADSTBC is delay tolerant, where LDPC codes provide coding gain to the system and ADSTBC provides diversity gain for arbitrary number of relays, number of symbols transmitted and number of receive antennas. For the multi-relay scenario, we have derived closed form expression for the pair-wise error probability (PEP) of the system. The derived analytical results of the performance of the proposed delay tolerant multiple relay asynchronous cooperative communication are validated by simulation results.