Stable and Robust Tension Controller for Middle Section of Continuous Line

  • Peter Talian Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Daniela Perdukova
  • Pavol Fedor
Keywords: Model reference control system, Continuous line, Tension control, Second Lyapunov method.


The quality of tension control in the middle section of a continuous processing line significantly affects the quality of the line final product, whether it be the case of sheet metal, pipes, plastic film or paper production. The main requirement is that of constant and non-oscillating tension in the material during all operation states of a line, such as line start-up, line run finish, tension disturbance affects before and after the middle section of the line, changes in parameters (e.g. of the moment of inertia), etc. The paper discusses the design of a stable and robust tension controller for the middle sections of continuous lines designed on basis of the second Lyapunov method, and its application in the middle section of a concrete line with two machines. The properties of the designed control structure were verified by digital simulation in MATLAB. The results achieved confirm the rightness of the proposed control structure which is simple, robust and which can secure stability and good quality dynamics of the controlled system, as well as invariance against disturbances.