Multi-Objective Third-party Approach for Service Class Mapping among Multiple Providers in the Internet

  • Nemanja M. Ninkovic School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • Bozidar J. Mali Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • Mirjana D. Stojanovic Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering,University of Belgrade
  • Gordana I. Savic Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade


The third party (3P) model has been recognized as a perspective approach for different interprovider quality of service (QoS) solutions. In this paper, we address 3P-based mapping of services classes among heterogeneous providers’ networks, which constitute an end-to-end (E2E) path. We propose and investigate a novel, highly flexible mapping scheme, which enables fulfillment of E2E network performance objectives, whereas minimizing interconnection costs. Starting from E2E service requirements, the proposed scheme uses goal programming technique to select the most appropriate service class in each domain on the path. Results of the comparative analysis of the proposed scheme and the two existing 3P-based schemes have clearly demonstrated superiority of our proposal in terms of accuracy, flexibility, and capability to support deployment of various business objectives.