Radiomeasuring Thermal Flowmeter of Gas on the Basis of Transistor Structure with Negative Resistance

  • V. S. Osadcuk Vinnitsa National Technical University
  • A. V. Osadchuk Vinnitsa National Technical University
  • Y. A. Yushchenko Vinnitsa National Technical University


In the given article the possibility of making of a radiomeasuring thermal gas flowmeter with a frequency output signal is shown on the basis of the autogenerating arrangement which will consist of two bipolar transistors used as temperature sensitive elements. The change of temperature of heat-sensitive bipolar transistors is proportionally to the gas consumption, passing through a measuring tube. Analytical dependencies of function of transformation and sensitivity are received. The thermal condition of the integrated circuit of the transducer is designed. Sensitivity of the arrangement makes 750-1450 Hz /Litre/Hour. Ill. 5, bibl. 6 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).