Inductors for High Magnetic Field Generation

  • J. Novickij Vilnius Gedimino Technical University
  • R. Kačianauskas Vilnius Gedimino Technical University
  • V. Filipavičius Vilnius Gedimino Technical University
  • S. Balevičius Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • N. Žurauskienė Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • R. Tolutis Semiconductor Physics Institute


Inductors for high magnetic field generation are described. Pulsed magnetic field is generated discharging energy bank through theinductor during a short period of time. Axial magnetic field is calculated by equations using known values of pulsed current andgeometric parameters of the inductor. The efficiency of energy transformation is analyzed. The possibility of non-destructiveapplications of single turn inductor, flux concentrator, helix inductor, and multi-section inductor is discussed. The design of pulsedmagnetic inductors requires complex analysis of electrical, thermal and mechanical overloads, and the most limited factor is thedestructive mechanical stress. For the first estimation the failure criteria of maximal available magnetic field inductor and the crosssectionaldistribution of stress intensity under action of Lorentz forces are presented. The multi-section inductor is chosen as thechallenging long life construction for further experimentations in high magnetic field generation area. Ill.11, bibl.11 (in English;summaries in Lithuanian, English, Russian).

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Novickij, J., Kačianauskas, R., Filipavičius, V., Balevičius, S., Žurauskienė, N., & Tolutis, R. (2004). Inductors for High Magnetic Field Generation. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 56(7). Retrieved from