Critical Slip of Three-phase Cage Induction Motor Supplied from Limited Power Source

S. Gečys


The peculiarities and characteristics of a cage induction motor supplying from limited power source (mobile electric power station, diesel power plant, wind power station and etc.) change virtually in comparison with the case when motor is supplied from unlimited voltage source. The critical slip expression of the cage induction motor operating from the limited power-supply source taking into account the inner complex impedance of power-supply source and other cable parameters has been derived. It is shown that critical slip formula, when motor is supplied from a high-capacity power-supply source (the inner complex impedance is not taken into account) and through short cable (the cable impedance is not taken into account) absolutely coincides with well-known formula. The algorithm for calculations of the induction motor characteristics taking into account the parameters of the supply circuit and the suitable length and cross-section of the supply cable has been created. Ill.1, bibl. 6 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731