Recursive PLL based on the Measurement and Processing of Time


  • D. Perisic Slobomir P University
  • A. Zoric St. Kneza Milosa 7
  • M. Perisic Slobomir P University
  • V. Arsenovic Slobomir P University
  • L. Lazic State University of Novi Pazar



Digital circuits, feedback circuits, frequency locked loops, phase locked loops


This paper describes one recursive model of the Phase Locked Loop (PLL) of the second order based on the measurement and processing of the time difference between the input and output periods. The stability and the other conditions, under which the described system can have the properties of a PLL, are investigated using the Z transform analyses. Computer simulation of PLL is introduced in order to give better insight into the PLL characteristics and to confirm the mathematical analyses too. Made analysis shows that PLL is suitable for the wide range of applications. For the corresponding system parameters, PLL possesses the power noise rejection ability. For some other system parameters this PLL possesses the power tracking ability. It can also be used for the measurement of the period of the input signal in the noise environment. The oscilloscope picture of the input and output signals recorded on the realized PLL is presented.


Author Biography

D. Perisic, Slobomir P University

Faculty of Information Technology

Full time Professor




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Perisic, D., Zoric, A., Perisic, M., Arsenovic, V., & Lazic, L. (2014). Recursive PLL based on the Measurement and Processing of Time. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 20(5), 33-36.