Designing a Real Time Redactor for Power Saving Utilization


  • O. Krejcar University of Hradec Kralove
  • R. Frischer University of Hradec Kralove



Reactive power reduction, real time systems, measurement, industrial electronics


Nowadays high importance is given to the development of green technologies which are designed with an emphasis on low energy consumption. Due to the financial crisis the need for such green technologies and devices is more important ever before. All home electric appliances like refrigerators, deep-freezes, washing machines, pumps, etc. produce waste current component, which can be stabilized. This technique can decrease electricity consumption from 10 to 30% - different depending on countries. Current modern devices for adjustment of power of target electrical appliances need a very fine measurement of an input voltage and current. In such cases remote monitoring of mentioned values can be a suitable solution. However, this solution contains some issues such as the need for pre-processing in remote sensor, or wireless transfer to central monitoring device, which need to be solved. Also the powering of such remote device is strictly limited. Sensor needs to be powered only by energy from the current sensor which results in the need for application of modern power source solutions. All of these findings result in a development of miniaturized solution based on 32b microcontroller unit with wireless communication unit and independent powering circuit.





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Krejcar, O., & Frischer, R. (2013). Designing a Real Time Redactor for Power Saving Utilization. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 19(6), 59-64.