Multi-Objective Optimisation-based Robust H∞ Controller Design Approach for a Multi-Level DC-DC Voltage Regulator


  • Ridvan Keskin Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University, Turkey
  • Ibrahim Aliskan Department of Control and Automation Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey



Meta-heuristic optimisation, Multi-objective optimisation, Robust control, DC-DC converter


In case an analytical approach to the selection of any weighting function is not possible, the selection process is usually a random and time-consuming process. In robust H∞ control theory, the selection of scalar, time, or frequency-dependent weighting functions is the main issue to shape the amplitude-frequency characteristic curve of the feedback controller. Therefore, we propose a robust H∞ control approach which utilises the multi-objective grey wolf optimisation algorithm (MOGWO) to obtain the optimal performance weighting functions in the presence of right half-plane zeros and limited bandwidth constraints. A trade-off design flowchart is proposed, providing Pareto optimal solutions to choose the optimal configuration of the robust feedback controller. The control method is structured by combining the robust H∞ optimal technique and the multi-objective algorithm. The effectiveness of the approach is compared with the non-convex single-objective heuristic solutions like the multi-verse optimisation algorithm (MVO), whale optimisation algorithm (WOA), and grey wolf optimisation algorithm (GWO). The focus of this design is to track and stabilise the output voltage of the DC-DC converter in the presence of external disturbances and parameter uncertainties. The optimised controllers are implemented using a digital signal processor (DSP) on a 200 W interleaved boost converter. The simulation results and experimental findings show that the proposed control method provides supreme disturbance rejection along with maintaining the stability of the system.




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Keskin, R., & Aliskan, I. (2023). Multi-Objective Optimisation-based Robust H∞ Controller Design Approach for a Multi-Level DC-DC Voltage Regulator. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 29(1), 4-14.