Vehicle License Plate Detection and Perspective Rectification


  • Musaed Alhussein
  • Khursheed Aurangzeb
  • Syed Irtaza Haider



Image processing, VLP extraction, Homography correction, Perspective distortion, Smart parking, Smart Cities


The character segmentation and perspective rectification of Vehicle License Plate (VLP) is essential in different applications, including traffic monitoring, car parking, stolen vehicle recovery, and toll payment. The character segmentation of the VLP and its horizontal as well as vertical (pan and tilt) correction is a crucial operation. It has considerable impact on the precision of the vehicle identification process. In this work, we investigate an effective framework for the perspective rectification and homography correction of vehicle's images. The captured images of the vehicle could be tilted in vertical or horizontal or vertical-horizontal mix directions due to different movements. For reasonable high identification results, a polynomial fitting based homography correction method for rectifying the tilted VLPs is applied. A method for determining four corner points of the rotated VPLs is explored. These four detected corner points are applied in the homography correction algorithm. For comprehensively evaluating the performance of the proposed framework, the detected VLPs in various directions, such as horizontal, vertical, and mix horizontal-vertical, are rotated. For the experiments, the real images of the vehicles in the outdoor environment, from different directions and different distances are captured. With our proposed method, we achieve an accuracy of 97 % and 95 % for the simulated and real captured images, respectively.




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Alhussein, M. ., Aurangzeb, K. ., & Haider, S. I. . (2019). Vehicle License Plate Detection and Perspective Rectification. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 25(5), 47-56.