Performance Analysis of Edge Computing in IoT


  • Julius Skirelis
  • Dalius Navakauskas



Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Computer network reliability


Upcoming 5G technology and the demand for near real-time response services raise the need for optimizing current IoT solutions. The aim of this paper is to model and execute the performance analysis of network structures suitable for Edge Computing in IoT. The prior research into different topology and parameter sets have not provided sufficient clarity, on which parameters had a considerable impact on overall system performance; therefore, repetitive simulations were performed to express dispersion of alternating values, as well as determining its confidence intervals. The paper presents Edge Computing service simulation setup on known and newly derived network topologies with different complexity varying network bandwidth and network delay parameters. The experimental investigation has revealed that the IoT configuration network is more sensitive to network topology, while the Internet configuration is more sensitive to network parameters. The discussion on the results received debates possible causes of performance differences in network parameters and device configurations, the comparison to similar state-of-the-art research results has also been presented. Finally, conclusions with recommendations based on the results acquired have been provided.




How to Cite

Skirelis, J., & Navakauskas, D. (2020). Performance Analysis of Edge Computing in IoT. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 26(1), 72-77.