Analysis of Processes in the Finite Queue Systems


  • Rindzevicius R.


Queueing networks and Markov chains are commonly used for the performance and reliability evaluation of communication systems. Markov processes provide very flexible, powerful and efficient means for the description and analysis of communication system properties. For the sake of efficiency and explicit creation of the Markov process they are used in this paper. There are used continuous time Markov processes with discrete state spaces only and one-step transition probabilities. We have analysed M/M/v/k loss system with Poisson call flow. Interarrival times and service times represented using the exponential distribution. A queueing system consists of v lines and finite capacity k buffer. The system is modelled analytically as a birth-death Markovian process. The most important performance measures of system are defined, such as waiting time W, queue length Q, throughput Y. Analytic system model calculation results are done.



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