The Multipurpose Two-Dimensional Servo Systems and Their Applications


  • V. Geleževičius


The multipurpose method of two-dimensional positioning control problem solving enabling to save energy and equipment recourses in the process optimum rapidity assurance conditions is proposed and investigated in this article. It is shown that these conditions would be obtained ensuring optimum rapidity of positioning in bigger displacement direction and the straight-line movement trajectory in the two-dimensional space during the whole positioning process. The theoretical aspects of stability and accuracy of the proposed method with taking into account non-symmetry of its structure are investigated. The multipurpose control method of flat surfaces scanning systems permitting saving of energy and equipment resources without diminishing of process rapidity and quality is also proposed. The example of multipurpose two-dimensional control method application in the flat ele?trographical carrier surfaces quality investigation system is discussed. In this system the same two-dimensional servo system fulfils both the flat scanning and the two-dimensional positioning system functions.



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