Broadband Microstrip Meander Retard Systems (RS) Properties


  • R. Martavičius
  • A. Jurjevas


Properties of RS with reducing dispersion additional shields between meander conductors are analysed. Additional shields are narrow strips, the ends of which are connected with external shields - bugel shields. A technique for calculation of the characteristics of meander RS with bugel shields is described and frequency characteristics of phase delay coefficient and input resistance of these systems are analysed. In an initial part the dispersion characteristic of slowing down system with additional shields have a deepening, typical for such systems. The size of this deepening defines minimum dispersion of phase time delay in a wide range of frequencies. At increase of width of additional shields the size of deepening decreases, and width is increased. Is proved that use of bugel shields reduces dispersion of phase time delay more than 10 times.



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