Design and Modelling of an Enclosed Array of Square Spiral Antennas for Microwave Tomography


  • Milos Subotic
  • Nebojsa Pjevalica
  • Laszlo Palfi



Microwave tomography, microwave imaging, antenna arrays, antenna modelling, antenna design, FDTD, square spiral antenna


Microwave tomography is a microwave imaging method in which the resolution is not limited by wavelength, but rather by measurement noise and modelling errors. Inversion algorithm is used for obtaining an image from the measured scattered waves. Performance improvement of the inversion algorithm is introduced by approximately modelled antennas as a point, line or plane source. Such modelling of antennas introduces modelling errors. Antenna array in the unshielded measurement chamber will pick up external interference, as well as backscattering of array’s own radiation. Multipath occurring in measurement chamber has a large impact on the measurement performance. The wave propagated through the air and reflected from the chamber walls could mask a weaker wave scattered by the object under imaging. Also, a larger number of the antennas improves inversion and gives a more accurate image. This paper proposes a novel design of enclosed measurement antenna array for microwave tomography. To obtain an accurate and efficient antenna model in 3D FDTD, a square spiral wire antenna is used in this design. A metal shield protects the process of measurement from external interference and backscattering. Between the antenna array and the metal shield an absorption wall is introduced, which decreases multipath and partially prevents signal masking. Square spiral wire antennas are overlapped and packed, giving a larger number of antennas in the same space. Enclosed antenna array is modelled in 3D FDTD. Proposed antenna array is compared with solutions found in literature. Comparison is done using metrics relevant for antenna array measurement in microwave tomography.





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Subotic, M., Pjevalica, N., & Palfi, L. (2017). Design and Modelling of an Enclosed Array of Square Spiral Antennas for Microwave Tomography. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 23(2), 47-53.