Synthesis of PbTiO3 Thin Films by Reactive Magnetron Deposition


  • V. Stankus
  • J. Dudonis


PbTiO3 is one of the most important ferroelectric materials with perovskite structure, which has piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric properties. The synthesis of complex PbTiO3 thin films was researched in this work. It is a synthesis of PbTiO3 thin films by reactive magnetron layer by layer deposition of Ti and Pb layers in a plasma of oxygen and oxygen-argon mixture and using a solid state reactions between them during annealing at different temperatures (200-700oC, 1 h) in atmosphere. For getting a stoichiometry of thin films the dependence of deposition rate on partial oxygen pressure, magnetron power and geometry were researched. XRD diffraction and optical properties analysis were investigated in order to research the structural and the phase changes which depends on annealed temperature. The crystallization of pyrochlore Pb2Ti2O6 phase layers was observed at 200-4000C interval of temperatures. The perovskite PbTiO3phase appeared at 5000C.



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