Investigation of the Electric Field of Metallic Fence under a High Voltage Transmission Line


  • Juozapas Arvydas Virbalis
  • Robertas Lukocius
  • Povilas Marciulionis
  • Gabija Nedzinskaite
  • Paulius Vaskys



Effective value, electric field strength, high voltage power line, fence, open switch-gear


There could be areas near a high voltage power transmission lines where electric field strength can exceed maximum permissible values and could be harmful to workers. Territory of the open switch–gear with a metallic fence can be dangerous especially because the power line wires there are at a relatively low height. Therefore, it is important to know surely what the values of electric field strength are near a fence. The expressions for calculation of electric field strength at any observation point near the three-phase line with near the line set metallic fence dependently on the geometrical parameters of line and fence and the coordinates of observation point are presented in the paper. 2D approach is applied to implement the task. Values of electric field strength, obtained applying the analytical method, were compared with the numerically calculated ones. The comparison showed that difference between results obtained by analytical calculations and results obtained by numerical modelling is not greater than 10%. The results show that there is some area near the fence in which the electric field strength exceeds permissible values.





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Virbalis, J. A., Lukocius, R., Marciulionis, P., Nedzinskaite, G., & Vaskys, P. (2016). Investigation of the Electric Field of Metallic Fence under a High Voltage Transmission Line. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 22(6), 22 - 27.