Modelling of Propagation Constant of Twisted Pairs and Its Temperature Dependence at Frequencies


  • Marek Nevosad Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Pavel Lafata Czech Technical University in Prague



Channel models, digital communication, modelling, transmission line measurements.


Today, accurate and low complexity modelling of secondary parameters of twisted copper pairs at high frequencies is necessary, especially for modern transmission systems. The newly presented subscriber technology can occupy frequencies up to 212 MHz. For the purpose of its performance evaluations as well as for quick and accurate estimations of its transmission channel, the possibilities for accurate twisted pair’s parameters approximation should be investigated. Basically, the motivation presented within this paper is to propose a completely new model for estimations of a propagation constant and its temperature dependence of twisted pairs and metallic cables suitable for frequencies. The main idea of a presented model is the innovative adoption of an inverse hyperbolic sine function in order to provide more accurate approximation of a propagation constant g(f) and its temperature character. The accuracy of a proposed model was verified for various metallic cables with different constructional arrangement and parameters. Based on the comparison of our proposed model with other typical existing models, the presented model outperforms the accuracy of all existing models using equal number of necessary parameters.





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Nevosad, M., & Lafata, P. (2016). Modelling of Propagation Constant of Twisted Pairs and Its Temperature Dependence at Frequencies. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 22(2), 107-113.