Sampling Control Splitting Products into Two Flows


  • J. Kruopis VU, Matematikos ir informatikos fakultetas
  • A. Vaišvila AB „Ekranas“


The department of the reclamations of the enterprise "Ekranas" has established, that in set advertised by the consumer kinescopes ispresent much more such, which during manufacture were recognized defective, they should be repaired or repeatedly to carry out forthem some technological operations. This a priori information allows to allocate subjected to repair kinescopes in a separate flow,applying for it the strengthened variant of the final control. It is possible to expect, that in such case at the enterprise will be revealedmore defective products than in case one variant of the control to all incorporated flow is applied and, hence, percent of the reclamationswill decrease.The mathematical model of the sampling final control is constructed, when the products are divided into two flows using theinformation from the manufacture and different plans of the control are applied to each flows. By a method of numerical simulation isshown, that such the control can be more efficient in comparison with such, when the same plan for the joint flow is used. Ill. 5, bibl. 3(in Lithuanian, summaries in Lithuanian, English and Russian).




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