Research of the Characteristics of the Linear Induction Motor


  • L. Radzevičius Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • E. Matkevičius Vilnius Gediminas Technical University


The scientific article gives the linear induction motor (LIM) characteristics research using systematic principal creating the asymmetric general mathematic LIM model. There was analysed the LIM force operating along the x coordinate dependence on the SE features and the position of the inductors at the limit state, when the poles of the inductors are opposite (NS poles) and the same ones (NN poles). It was denoted the force dependence on the air span between the inductors and the SE, the thickness of the nonmagnetic and magnetic layer of the SE. It was shown in the article that there is a particular evaluation of the thickness of the nonmagnetic layer that gives the possibility to get the higher LIM force. The change of the force by the removing of the poles of the inductors is possible only if the SE does not have any ferromagnetic layer. There was created the idealized model of the change of the LIM force by removing the inductors which could be used in the further research work denoting the natural change of the force in the intermediate position of the inductor poles between the limits of the NS and NN poles location. Ill. 6, bibl. 6 (in English, summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).




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