The Research of the Sinusoidal Three-phase Windings


  • J. Bukšnaitis Lithuanian University of Agriculture


The distribution of the turns within section groups of the sinusoidal three-phase windings with maximal and reduced average span are analyzed. Pulsating or rotating magnetomotive forces of these windings are optimized. Analysis aspects for establishment of turn’s number of all four types’ spans were obtained. According to these aspects there were calculated turns` numbers in relative quantities of sections which compose the group from two to six sections. These relative quantities are related with concentrated three-phase winding. There were made tabulation in which sections according to their numbers in group are distributed in slots of magnetic circuit depending on section number in group. Considering the relative numbers of the sections` turns of sinusoidal three-phase windings and their distribution in slots according to section numbers in their groups, there were calculated tentative and proper, related with admissible, relative fillings of slots. These fillings of slots accord with relative admissible filling of slots or are a little bit less. With reference to these results average relative fillings of magnetic circuit slots of all now known sinusoidal three-phase windings were obtained. These fillings of magnetic circuit slots are related with admissible and depend on the sections` number in group. Ill. 2, bibl. 3 (in English; summaries in English Russian and Lithuanian).




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