Optimization of Common Voice and Data Channel Resources in GSM/GPRS Network


  • V. Batkauskas Vilnius Gediminas technical university
  • D. Balčiūnas Vilnius Gediminas technical university


Use of the system adequate simulation models allows evaluating varying needs of users and calculating optimal system parameters before introducing any changes into a live commercial GSM/GPRS network. In this paper a mathematical model of common GSM/GPRS resources and a simulation model, created in Matlab Simulink, are presented. During the modeling common channel utilization, the number of served users, user data throughput and blocking probabilities of voice and data users are analyzed. Suggestions for optimization of common data and voice channel resources are formulated. Initial model input parameters are measured in a real GSM/GPRS network using TEMS drive testing tools and network statistics. In order to confirm modeling results and model adequacy, measurements of real system characteristics are done. It is recommended that it is enough to set the TS transformation index equal to one. The transformation hysteresis reduces the number of unnecessary TS transformations as well as voice and data packet blocking. In any cell, used for voice and data transmission, it is better to set the maximum possible number of SW TS. Ill. 11, bibl. 5 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).




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