Dependences of Propagation Constants of Cylindrical n-Si Rod on the Material Specific Resistivity


  • S. Asmontas Teraherzt's Electronics Laboratory
  • L. Nickelson Teraherzt's Electronics Laboratory
  • D. Plonis Teraherzt's Electronics Laboratory


In the present work the dispersive dependences of cylindrical n-Si rod waveguides are analyzed at two specific resistivity of a semi-conductor material (0.3) and at two waveguide radii (0.25 mm, 1 mm) for the basic HEm,300m11 and the first higher EH11 hybrid modes. Muller's method has been used for complex roots’ searching of the dispersive equation. Here is presented the broadband-widths of waveguides of investigated n-Si rod waveguides. It is established that for investigated waveguides the broadbandwidths of waveguides almost coincide. Here are presented dependences of complex longitudinal propagation constants and the transversal propa-gation constants in air on a wide interval of frequencies from 15 to 300 GHz. It is established that character of dispersive curves in area of the cutoff frequency is strongly depends on the waveguide radius. The wavelength of mode HE11 of n-Si rod waveguide with the ra-dius equal to 0.25 mm in the frequency range from 15 GHz to 100 GHz is independent on the frequency. It is shown that in frequency intervals where a real part of complex longitudinal propagation constants becomes less than a wave number in air, it is observed sharp decreasing of waveguide losses. Ill. 7, bibl. 8 (in English; abstracts in English, Russian and Lithuanian).




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Asmontas, S., Nickelson, L., & Plonis, D. (2009). Dependences of Propagation Constants of Cylindrical n-Si Rod on the Material Specific Resistivity. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 94(6), 57-60. Retrieved from